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[email protected]_inside, who has published scoops about unreleased Apple products by examining beta software, says has Apple lock…
Apple is finding that the entertainment business isn't as easy as it looks
Apple, Intel file antitrust case against SoftBank-owned firm over patent practices
Apple tells Congress it is losing money on its device repair services, but critics say that Apple is being delibera…
Apple cancels planned festival premiere of its TV+ movie 'The Banker'
Trump ‘opens’ Texas Apple plant that’s built Mac Pros since 2013
Trump is lying about the ‘new’ ‘Apple’ factory
Well look who it is. Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Trump toured a Mac Pro assembly plant in Austin today. In t…
G Suite users get more AI writing help, Google Assistant calendar integration and more by…
Google’s Duplex can now book cinema tickets in the UK and US
Google lets you buy movie tickets through Duplex, its AI-powered booking system
Google Assistant uses ‘Duplex on the Web’ to buy your movie tickets
Google Stadia is live, but Microsoft's xCloud already feels like the future of cloud gaming
Google's limits on microtargeting of political ads for state and federal candidates shakes up ad plans and frustrat…
As it hires an anti-union consulting firm to advise management as it deals with widespread worker unrest, Google ap…
Google latest tech giant to crack down on political ads as pressure on Facebook grows

It's officially November 2019, which means we're in the month and year 'Blade Runner' took place. So what did the m… WIRED
Report: Trump's UN ambassador Nikki Haley used unclassified email system during North Korea ICBM crisis because she… Gizmodo
We analyzed every single AI paper ever uploaded to a major research database and found the era of deep learning may… MIT Technology Review
Mark Zuckerberg had undisclosed meeting with Donald Trump, Peter Thiel amid furor on political ads… Gizmodo
The world's largest chip is now being used to develop precision cancer drugs. Up next for it: understanding the or… MIT Technology Review
“If you do the math, it tells us we could save at least 200,000 lives if we cleaned the air further.” WIRED
Trump ‘opens’ Texas Apple plant that’s built Mac Pros since 2013 Engadget
PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B by @sarahintampa TechCrunch
Artificial intelligence is helping speed up the hunt for more hidden symbols like this—and has already had some suc… MIT Technology Review
Educators are sort of like Pokémon: they evolve to different levels, gain different powers, and often look differen… WIRED
Tired: Non-monogamous Wired: Open Source By David Ostow with @collectcartoons WIRED
Scientists have just discovered a pair of gamma-ray bursts that each emitted energy readings over 100 billion times… MIT Technology Review
PopSockets made an AirPods grip, and it is godawful The Verge
SpaceX’s prototype Starship rocket partially bursts during testing in Texas The Verge
Facebook and Google surveillance is an ‘assault on privacy,’ says Amnesty International The Verge
At sunset in winter in Spain, thousands of starlings gather in enormous flocks, named murmurations for the flutteri… WIRED
A Getty photographer caught a photo of President Trump's notes that set the internet on fire, and Disney+ accounts… WIRED
Google limits political ad targeting and all ‘demonstrably false claims’ TechCrunch
PayPal acquires the company behind the Honey deal-finding extension for $4 billion The Verge
You might be able to schedule tweets from Twitter’s web app starting today The Verge
Trump is lying about the ‘new’ ‘Apple’ factory The Verge
Infant skeletons wearing ‘helmets’ made of other children’s skulls stun archaeologists Gizmodo
Steam now lets you invite iOS and Android devices to join PC multiplayer games remotely The Verge
In an excerpt from his new book, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff writes: "Holding equality as a value is not just a mat… WIRED
Strongest gamma-ray bursts ever recorded are illuminating the universe's most powerful explosions… Gizmodo