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Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that lets particular Apple mobile phones make payments at online and retail checkout. It intends to digitize and replace the credit or debit magnetic stripe card transaction at bank card terminals. The service is appropriate for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch. People with iphone-5, 5C, or 5S can use the assistance via an Apple Watch, though the watch lacks the additional Touch ID security. Automagically, Apple Pay is disabled, as well as the manager should enter a code to enable Apple Pay after gaining the watch. The watchis sensors will make certain that its owner is still wearing it. Then Apple Spend is disabled when the watch is removed at any place.

Their authenticated Apple unit is held by consumers to the stage of sale system to check out at retail stores. IPhone users authenticate by keeping their fingerprint for the phone's Touch ID alarm, and Apple Watch users authenticate by double clicking a button to the product. To see online, consumers choose "Apple Spend" as their cost method and authenticate with Touch ID. Groupon, Panera Bread, and Uber apps will be compatible with Apple Pay at the company's introduction. By having a picture of the card credit cards through either to the assistance their iTunes accounts or customers can add. The company is only going to work-in the United States, though Apple plans to develop to other countries.