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Uber Eats now delivers office and school suppies Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Snapchat+ subscribers now have a better chance of getting noticed by celebrities Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Weta Workshop is making its own Lord of the Rings game Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
TikTok adds an AI image generator, but it's no DALL-E Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Samsung's 55-inch Odyssey Ark: Taking gaming monitors to a whole new dimension Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory made its 1 millionth car Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
The Morning After: The new gaming-subscription normal Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Mercedes-EQ's Stoffel Vandoorne wins Formula E world championship Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Uber is shutting down its free rewards program this fall Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Apple reportedly tested search ads in Maps in bid to expand advertising business Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Signal says third-party data breach exposed 1,900 phone numbers Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Zoom fixes security flaw that let attackers hijack your Mac Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Peloton may open its workout content to competing bikes and treadmills Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Russia previews its post-ISS space station Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
HBO and HBO Max are reportedly laying off 70 production staffers Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Android 13 is rolling out to Pixel phones today Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
Disney and Marvel will hold a games showcase on September 9th Engadget (Mon Aug 15)
‘Rogue One’ will return to IMAX theaters before the Disney+ debut of ‘Andor’ Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Genshin Impact’s next major update arrives on August 24th Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Inaccurate maps are delaying the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s broadband funding Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Hitting the Books: What goes on at a summer camp for YouTube Gaming kidfluencers Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Mercedes-EQ's Stoffel Vandoorne wins Formula E world championship Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Uber is shutting down its free rewards program this fall Engadget (Sun Aug 14)
Apple blocked the latest Telegram update over a new animated emoji set Engadget (Sat Aug 13)
Apple reportedly tried to partner with Facebook to get a cut of its revenue Engadget (Sat Aug 13)
Security researcher reveal Zoom flaws that could've allowed attackers to take over your Mac Engadget (Sat Aug 13)
Recommended Reading: Imogen Heap's far-reaching influence on music Engadget (Sat Aug 13)
YouTube is reportedly planning to launch a 'channel store' for streaming services Engadget (Sat Aug 13)
‘Alone in the Dark' reboot confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
DoorDash is now delivering purchases from Facebook Marketplace Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
BMW and Toyota plan to release jointly-built fuel cell cars in 2025 Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
'Hogwarts Legacy' is delayed until February 10th, 2023 Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Google is testing a way to start streaming games from search results Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Peloton is jacking up prices of its Bike+ and Tread fitness gear again Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Former Qualcomm VP charged over $150 million acquisition fraud Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Latest Humble Bundle includes most of the Resident Evil back catalog Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Dutch authorities arrest alleged developer of crypto mixing service Tornado Cash Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Xbox, PlayStation and the new subscription normal Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Engadget Podcast: Digging into Samsung's foldables and wearables with Mr Mobile Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Formula E’s 100th E-Prix: Eight years of all-electric racing Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
‘Ring Nation’ is what happens when America's Funniest Home Videos meets Black Mirror Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
The Morning After: A humanoid robot and a foldable phone from the same company Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Samsung heir Jay Y.Lee gets a presidential pardon Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Facebook and Instagram apps can track users via their in-app browsers Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
Amazon brings Echo Show 15's photo frame feature to all models Engadget (Fri Aug 12)
SpaceX's reusable Falcon Heavy rocket can now carry US spy satellites into orbit Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
'Metal Slug Tactics' is delayed until 2023 Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
IKEA will install Electrify America's fast EV chargers at over 25 US stores Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
FEC says Google can let political campaigns dodge Gmail's spam filters Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
FTC kicks off efforts to regulate data security and surveillance tech Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
NBA 2K23's Jordan Challenge revival is all about authenticity Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
The merged Google Meet app lets you host group Spotify and YouTube sessions Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Xiaomi beats Tesla to building a working robot Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Twitter will fight misinformation in US midterms with notification changes Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Apple reportedly wants podcast deals that can lead to TV shows Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Meta starts testing default end-to-end encryption on Messenger Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Bo’s e-scooter is beyond state of the art Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Xiaomi's second foldable phone is only 5.4mm thick in tablet mode Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Google Fiber is expanding again after years of inactivity Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
The Morning After: First impressions of Samsung's newest foldable phones Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Moto's Razr 2022 foldable gets the flagship processor it deserves Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
The man who built his own ISP to avoid huge fees is expanding his service Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Google's search AI now looks for general consensus to highlight more trustworthy results Engadget (Thu Aug 11)
Disney+ ad-free streaming price increases to $11 per month in December Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
FCC rejects Starlink request for nearly $900 million in broadband subsidies Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Facebook still has trouble removing white supremacists, study says Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
A fifth of US teens use YouTube 'almost constantly,' with TikTok not far behind Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Duet Display's second screen app is now available for Meta Portal devices Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Boeing delivers its first 787 Dreamliner after pausing for over a year Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Lumina is working on a smart standing desk that has a built-in display Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
NVIDIA helps bring more lifelike avatars to chatbots and games Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
We're live with our Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Q&A! Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Here’s everything Samsung announced at its August Unpacked event Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
How to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and everything else announced at Unpacked 2022 Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series offers evolution, not revolution Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Former Twitter worker convicted of helping Saudi Arabia spy on dissidents Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung's Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offer improved audio and ANC for $230 Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 hands-on: It's what you don't see that makes the difference Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro hands-on: Barely-there updates (and one new design) Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 lets you do more while it's closed Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung's more refined Galaxy Z Fold 4 goes on sale August 26th starting at $1,800 Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 hands-on: A design that works Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Spotify is selling tickets directly to fans in its latest test Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Watch Samsung Unpacked 2022 with us at 8:30AM ET Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
The Morning After: Kim Kardashian is the face of Beats’ skin-colored earbuds Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
SpaceX successfully completes static fire test of Starship's Super Heavy booster Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Urbanista unveils ANC earbuds with a light-powered charging case Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
US Justice Department is reportedly poised to sue Google over its digital ad dominance Engadget (Wed Aug 10)
Blizzard will stop selling ‘Overwatch’ loot boxes on August 30th Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Google Stadia’s Party Stream is exactly what it sounds like Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Amazon's palm payments arrive in more than 65 Whole Foods stores in California Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Yamaha’s flagship noise-canceling wireless earbuds arrive in the US for $280 Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
People spent much less time watching gaming streams this spring, report says Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
1Password's big app redesign brings desktop features to mobile Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Google's learn-to-read app for kids is now available on the web Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Ford will reopen F-150 Lightning orders this week at a much higher starting price Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
AT&T is using amphibious vehicles, drones and more to restore its network during disasters Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
President Biden signs CHIPS Act to boost semiconductor production Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Spotify's online music studio now offers live collaboration Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
What we bought: How DeWalt's 20V Max cordless drill became my most versatile home-reno tool Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ will hit theaters in the 2024 holiday season Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Beats and Kim Kardashian made a line of skin-colored Fit Pro earbuds Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
South Korea to investigate Apple, Google over possible in-app payment violations Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
The Morning After: Hardly anyone is playing Netflix’s games Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
WhatsApp's latest privacy features include the ability to hide your online status Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Google and Sonos are now fighting over voice assistant patents Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
OtterBox now offers $150 toward iPhone screen replacements Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Intel introduces Arc Pro GPUs for workstations Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Snapchat Family Center shows parents their children's friends list Engadget (Tue Aug 09)
Firaxis delays Marvel's Midnight Suns, maybe until 2023 Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Sennheiser promises 60 hours of listening with its new Momentum headphones Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
iOS 16 beta brings back the battery percentage icon Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
HBO Max finishes rolling out its much-needed app redesign Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Rivian is field testing dual-motor versions of the R1T and R1S Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Bandai Namco is reportedly making a live-action Pac-Man movie Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
US sanctions cryptocurrency mixer that allegedly laundered over $7 billion Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Less than 1 percent of Netflix’s subscribers are playing its games Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Lucid Air will soon have a 'Stealth Look' trim option Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
What we bought: This LED desk lamp gave me the best lighting for video calls Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Nintendo will dedicate a 30-minute Direct stream to 'Splatoon 3' Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
SNK is making its first new Fatal Fury game in 23 years Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
The Morning After: Amazon buys the company behind Roomba robot vacuums Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Arrival pauses work on its electric bus and car projects Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
MG's new all-electric hatchback will cost just $31,400 when it arrives in the UK Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II' multiplayer reveal set for September 15th Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Samsung rolls out Android 13-based One UI 5 beta on Galaxy S22 smartphones Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Baidu's robotaxis can now operate without a safety driver in the car Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
LG's T90 earbuds come with Dolby Head Tracking technology Engadget (Mon Aug 08)
Senate passes sweeping climate-focused Inflation Reduction Act Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Apple reportedly tells suppliers to avoid 'Made in Taiwan' labels on shipments to China Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Twitter confirms vulnerability exposed data of anonymous accounts owners Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Apple could be developing a smart display Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Hitting the Books: How much that insurance monitoring discount might really be costing you Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Amazon is buying iRobot, the creator of the Roomba robot vacuum Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
Dell XPS 13 Plus review: Beauty vs. usability Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Google made one of its best search shortcuts even more useful Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Physicist trolls James Webb Space Telescope fans with a photo of a chorizo sausage Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
The best Nintendo Switch games for 2022 Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Something is making the Earth spin faster and days shorter Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Report: Apple retaliated against women who complained about misconduct Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
The best PC games for 2022 Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Twitter raises the price of Blue subscriptions to $5 a month Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
The best PlayStation 5 games for 2022 Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Physicist trolls James Webb Space Telescope fans with a photo of a chorizo sausage Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
Google made one of its best search shortcuts even more useful Engadget (Sun Aug 07)
Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a ‘public debate’ on fake accounts Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
Amazon is buying iRobot, the creator of the Roomba robot vacuum Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
Free AI tool restores old photos by creating slightly new loved ones Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
Fitbit will end support for PC syncing this fall Engadget (Sat Aug 06)
HBO Max and Discovery+ to combine into one streaming platform in 2023 Engadget (Sat Aug 06)