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“It starts to catch on like wildfire.” Many big tech founders took little or no remuneration as CEOs. Now, some of… WSJ Tech (Sat Oct 16)
The new Apple Watch Series 7 features some nice refinements such as a bigger, more durable screen. But it still req… WSJ Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Could Apple’s AirPods work as hearing aids or thermometers? The company may turn the ubiquitous earbuds into its ne… WSJ Tech (Wed Oct 13)
Wireless networks head to the cloud as operators look for a cost edge WSJ Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Italian winemakers have increasingly relied on migrant workers for the autumn harvest. Covid-19 travel restrictions… WSJ Tech (Sat Oct 09)
The next time you watch a film that was shot in another language, the English-speaking voices you hear might be the… WSJ Tech (Sat Oct 09)
Cristiano Amon is Qualcomm’s new CEO. That puts him at the center of a global chip crisis. “I have a shortage of ch… WSJ Tech (Fri Oct 08)
Leaked data this week from the streaming platform Twitch Interactive revealed that some people can make six-figure… WSJ Tech (Fri Oct 08)
Tesla is moving its headquarters to Austin WSJ Tech (Fri Oct 08)
The biggest name in gaming isn’t Sony or Activision. It’s Apple. WSJ Tech (Sat Oct 02)
From smart thermostats and disaster-ready alarm systems to home robots and motion-tracking projectors, Amazon’s fal… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 29)
One of the hottest new technologies for next-generation auto-safety systems and planned “autonomous” vehicles has r… WSJ Tech (Sat Sep 25)
EU is proposing a single phone charger technology that would effectively ban Apple’s ‘Lightning’ port WSJ Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Amazon sees a future for department stores: high-tech dressing rooms where online shoppers can try on its private-l… WSJ Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Apple won’t be letting the popular videogame “Fortnite” back onto the iPhone anytime soon WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Apple gave its little tablet a big makeover—with a roomier screen, a fast processor, improved cameras and a powerfu… WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Facebook’s chief technology officer, Mike Schroepfer, says he will step down from his role next year WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 22)
With all the upgrade pressure from Apple and the carriers, you need an iPhone 13 review that gets beyond the hype t… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Apple wants to see if iPhones can help detect depression or tell whether a senior moment is something worse—a capab… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 22)
ByteDance sets limits for users under age 14 as the Chinese government seeks to rein in the country’s biggest inter… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 22)
iOS 15 is here, with helpful new tools such as Focus mode and Live Text. But before you download it, read through… WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 21)
Elon Musk’s Tesla is readying a major upgrade of its driver-assistance software. The country’s top crash investigat… WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 21)
Facebook’s Oversight Board said it is reviewing the company’s practice of holding high-profile users to separate se… WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 21)
Not sure if it’s time to upgrade your old iPhone? Confused by all the iPhone 13 options? This chatbot can help you… WSJ Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Not sure if it’s time to upgrade your old iPhone? Confused by all the iPhone 13 options? This chatbot can help you… WSJ Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Are the people who create new technologies maverick geniuses? A new body of research suggests that instead, they’re… WSJ Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Whatever happened to paying with the ring on your finger? Some smaller companies say payment jewelry is selling wel… WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Mark Zuckerberg said a heralded change to Facebook's algorithm would improve users' well-being. Company documents s… WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Apple’s mini products got maximum attention at its fall news event, with the company showing off big redesigns for… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Robinhood, the app criticized for gamifying trading, is kicking off a nationwide push to court students—including a… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Walmart is working with Ford and Argo AI to test a self-driving delivery service in three big cities WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Apple’s iPhone 13 launch means there are now eight models to choose from. Columnist @JoannaStern is here to help yo… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 15)
The way Amazon uses tech to squeeze the most possible work out of each and every employee is its own new brand of m… WSJ Tech (Sat Sep 11)
Amazon plans to launch a Fire TV-branded televisions that will feature its Alexa voice assistant, set to be availab… WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 09)
Ray-Ban and Facebook teamed up on a pair of super stylish sunglasses with...two cameras and three microphones.… WSJ Tech (Thu Sep 09)
"Complex" password are too hard for users, and that makes things easier for hackers WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 08)
Cybercriminals have a vulnerability: burnout. Law enforcement should use that against them. WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 08)
Videos touting drug use, promoting pornography and encouraging eating disorders—this is just a sample of what TikTo… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 08)
Apple scheduled an event for Sept. 14, called “California Streaming,” at which the company is expected to unveil it… WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 07)
Drug-discovery researchers are picking up VR headsets to see, in new ways, the molecules they have long studied on… WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 07)
Beijing is catching up through tech investments in research with industrial applications, echoing American strategy WSJ Tech (Tue Sep 07)
The pandemic ate your wallet. Now, even work IDs and driver’s licenses are headed to your smartphone, says columnis… WSJ Tech (Mon Sep 06)
An explosion of advances in digital technology, imaging, gene sequencing and AI will likely transform the annual ph… WSJ Tech (Mon Sep 06)
Apple is planning to add a blood pressure measure and a host of other health functions to its smartwatch, including… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 01)
Residents of several states will be able to store and show their driver’s license or ID on their iPhone or Apple Wa… WSJ Tech (Wed Sep 01)
Apple agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit with software developers who challenged the tech giant’s practices in… WSJ Tech (Sat Aug 28)
College is supposed to mean independence—so how can it be when Mom and Dad track their kids’ every step with apps?… WSJ Tech (Fri Aug 27)
Flight of fancy? Two experts debate the business prospects for a return of supersonic passenger flights. WSJ Tech (Thu Aug 26)
No company globally sold more phones than Xiaomi in the month of June, as the Beijing-based smartphone maker surged… WSJ Tech (Thu Aug 26)
As the NFT art market grows, scammers are coming for artists and collectors. "People are getting robbed," said one… WSJ Tech (Thu Aug 26)
From Grindr to Vrbo, apps are rolling out tools related to Covid-19 vaccinations WSJ Tech (Wed Aug 25)
The release of Samsung’s de facto leader, Lee Jae-yong, from prison last week has raised expectations of bolder mov… WSJ Tech (Wed Aug 25)
President Biden is set to host executives from major technology, financial and energy companies for a summit on nat… WSJ Tech (Wed Aug 25)
Samsung’s August news lacks the legendary Note “phablet,” but its legacy—and gargantuan screen—will live on in the&helli WSJ Tech (Wed Aug 11)
Some Amazon sellers reach out to unhappy buyers to revise or delete negative reviews and boost ratings, columnist… WSJ Tech (Tue Aug 10)
Google is using sensors to listen for mobile phones as part of a partnership to help insurers more accurately measu… WSJ Tech (Tue Jul 13)
The president’s sweeping new executive order to spur competition targets big tech companies in ways that could fund… WSJ Tech (Sat Jul 10)
Farmers have long relied on insects, wind and human workers to help pollinate crops. Now, advances in AI are helpin… WSJ Tech (Fri Jul 09)
Facial-recognition systems, long touted as a quick and dependable way to identify everyone from employees to hotel… WSJ Tech (Thu Jul 08)
South Korea is becoming a hotbed of big technology startups. "Investors overlooked Korea because they think it's ju… WSJ Tech (Wed Jul 07)
In a Mozilla study, 71% of videos that YouTube viewers flagged as objectionable had been recommended by YouTube’s a… WSJ Tech (Wed Jul 07)
Videogame companies are snatching up smaller studios and ramping up mobile-game development as economies recover fr… WSJ Tech (Tue Jul 06)
Hong Kong wants to tackle doxing, but it says it will also listen to the concerns of tech companies WSJ Tech (Tue Jul 06)
What could a tech breakup mean for you? More competition and less of the conveniences we take for granted. WSJ Tech (Sat Jul 03)
In Windows 11, Microsoft moves the Start button to the center. @JoannaStern checks out the reboot of the 35-year-ol… WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 30)
Spotify, Apple and Amazon all recently introduced higher-quality music streams. Here’s what that means and how to h… WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 29)
Artificial intelligence is coming to everyday objects. Are we ready? WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 29)
Phones have long been more sophisticated than our PCs. But now our PCs are borrowing their best tricks—and the tech… WSJ Tech (Sun Jun 20)
Speed bumps are mounting at electric-vehicle startups. Investors are unfazed. WSJ Tech (Sat Jun 19)
Speed bumps are mounting at electric-vehicle startups. Investors are unfazed. WSJ Tech (Sat Jun 19)
A chip makes in Taiwan makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too.… WSJ Tech (Sat Jun 19)
Tim Cook says Apple’s greatest legacy will be in health. A bold plan to offer medical services has stalled. WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 16)
Facebook's independent oversight panel has won credibility for repeatedly ruling against the platform. But board of… WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 16)
House lawmakers have drafted legislation designed to curb the market power of large online platforms by restricting… WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 09)
Johnson & Johnson has seen an avalanche of cyberattacks, with more than 15 billion potential threats a day. We spok… WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 09)
That post you “liked” on Facebook. Your alma mater on LinkedIn. They are all clues that can make you—and your compa… WSJ Tech (Wed Jun 09)
Jeff Bezos plans to travel to space next month as one of the first passengers carried by Blue Origin, the… WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 08)
Dozens of websites in the U.S. and Europe were inaccessible early Tuesday, with at least one internet outage tracke… WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 08)
Elon Musk predicted fully self-driving cars before 2020. Now, experts say they aren’t coming anytime soon. AI isn’t… WSJ Tech (Sat Jun 05)
Elon Musk predicted fully self-driving cars before 2020. Now, experts say they aren’t coming anytime soon. AI isn’t… WSJ Tech (Sat Jun 05)
You keep paying Apple money. That’s because its walled garden is its best-designed product ever, says columnist… WSJ Tech (Fri Jun 04)
Hackers are pressing their assault on critical U.S. infrastructure, a criminal shift from stealing data to demandin… WSJ Tech (Thu Jun 03)
Huawei seeks to succeed where Samsung and Microsoft failed—challenging Google’s dominance in smartphone operating s… WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 01)
These new swim fitness gadgets—paired with cutting-edge apps—will leave you better equipped to (finally) take on po… WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 01)
Elon Musk’s Starlink internet service could be coming to Germany via a government subsidy program WSJ Tech (Tue Jun 01)
What a typical day might look like when we all return to the office. WSJ Tech (Sat May 29)
HP’s chief executive said robust demand for personal computers is expected to stretch into next year despite a semi… WSJ Tech (Fri May 28)
The Russia-linked hackers behind the cyberattack on SolarWinds have returned, launching a phishing attack targeting… WSJ Tech (Fri May 28)
The U.S. government has upended the $35 billion-a-year cellular-equipment industry, ushering in a new era of compet… WSJ Tech (Thu May 27)
Google is nearing a settlement of an antitrust case in France alleging the company has abused its power in online a… WSJ Tech (Thu May 27)
Tesla said it will store data from cars in China in a new data center there after facing scrutiny of its handling o… WSJ Tech (Wed May 26)
Instagram and Facebook will let users hide “likes,” even though the company’s research showed it had little effect… WSJ Tech (Wed May 26)
The work-from-home life made us video-calling fiends. It’s time to return to good old voice interactions when they… WSJ Tech (Wed May 26)
Why is 5G taking so long to reach most Americans? Spectrum constraints and no killer app are at the top of the list. WSJ Tech (Tue May 25)
In the age of iPhones and iPads, why would anybody want a desktop computer? Apple makes a case with the new M1-powe… WSJ Tech (Fri May 21)
Google plans to spend several billion dollars to build a quantum computer by 2029 in hopes of performing large-scal… WSJ Tech (Fri May 21)
Can the new M1 iPad Pro beat the latest MacBook Air? Columnist @nicnguyen pits Apple’s newest tablet against the co… WSJ Tech (Fri May 21)
Google is set to open its first-ever permanent retail location to showcase Pixel phones, Fibit wearables and other… WSJ Tech (Thu May 20)
Tesla CEO Elon Musk for years has been forecasting that self-driving cars will become a reality. Some would-be soci… WSJ Tech (Thu May 20)
The move by the founder of TikTok’s parent to step down as CEO makes him the latest Chinese internet entrepreneur t… WSJ Tech (Thu May 20)
It’s time to get off devices and go outside—but can kids kick their unhealthy pandemic tech habits? Columnist… WSJ Tech (Sat May 15)
It’s time to get off devices and go outside—but can kids kick their unhealthy pandemic tech habits? Columnist… WSJ Tech (Sat May 15)
Apple's iPhone-powered Find My and Amazon’s Sidewalk, coming soon to all newer Echo products, are both leveraging p… WSJ Tech (Fri May 07)
Google is adopting a hybrid workweek, allowing 20% of employees to work remotely, according to a company email, wit… WSJ Tech (Wed May 05)
Bank of America says it's exploring more ways to innovate and keep up with demand for its technology after the pand… WSJ Tech (Tue May 04)
Facebook users who run afoul of its secret guidelines around what people are allowed to say on the platform can end… WSJ Tech (Tue May 04)
How big is Big Tech? Five stars now account for nearly 25% of the S&P 500’s total value. WSJ Tech (Tue May 04)
Basecamp’s move to ban political conversations lays bare a sharp divide in the tech industry over how to navigate p… WSJ Tech (Mon May 03)
An explosion of digital-health startups has executives in corporate benefits excited about lowering costs and impro… WSJ Tech (Mon May 03)
The trial pitting “Fortnite” maker Epic Games against Apple begins Monday, in a case that could help determine how… WSJ Tech (Mon May 03)
The global chip shortage hobbled auto makers world-wide. Now, other industries are feeling the squeeze. WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 30)
TikTok has a new CEO: the finance chief of parent company ByteDance WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 30)
Radical changes are coming to the car industry. Welcome to the world of AutoTech. WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 29)
After the SEC tried to get Elon Musk to be more careful when speaking in public about Tesla's business prospects, t… WSJ Tech (Wed Apr 28)
Video: @JoannaStern spoke with Apple’s Craig Federighi about the iPhone’s new App Tracking Transparency privacy fea… WSJ Tech (Wed Apr 28)
The time is fast approaching when many people may see owning and driving their own car as akin to pounding out word… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 24)
Inside the epic fight between "Fortnite" creator Tim Sweeney and Apple WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 24)
Podcasts exploded in popularity during the lockdown and are on track to bring in more than $1 billion in U.S. ad re… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 24)
Sleep tracking has long been offered on wearable devices such as Fitbit but, recently, more gadget makers, includin… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 24)
Corporate IT departments have seen their work loads increase during the pandemic. Their bosses are finding new ways… WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 23)
iPad Pro? M1 iMac? AirTags? Don’t be confused by all of Apple’s spring product announcements—let tech columnist… WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 23)
If you’ve been wearing your Fitbit or Whoop fitness tracker like a regular watch, inaccurate readings could be mess… WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 22)
Facebook isn't happy about a new privacy feature in Apple’s iOS 14.5 that requires apps to request permission to tr… WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 15)
Apple is expected to show off new iPads, among other products, at an April 20 virtual event WSJ Tech (Tue Apr 13)
Tech companies are accelerating their development of computerized glasses that feature augmented reality, an effort… WSJ Tech (Sun Apr 11)
Tech companies are accelerating their development of computerized glasses that feature augmented reality, an effort… WSJ Tech (Sun Apr 11)
NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity will make a historic attempt at the first powered flight on another planet Sunday.… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 10)
NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity will make a historic attempt at the first powered flight on another planet Sunday.… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 10)
Is a "smart gym" worth it? Columnist @nicnguyen weighs the pros and cons of at-home connected gear from Peloton, So… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 10)
Allow apps to track your activity? Our columnists explain why you’re getting new pop-ups on your iPhone or iPad, an… WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 09)
Procter & Gamble tested an advertising technique under development in China to gather iPhone data for targeted ads,… WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 09)
As everything from trucks to toasters goes online, the next step for connected devices is the ability to buy and se… WSJ Tech (Fri Apr 09)
Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are each a tech behemoth in their own right—and the ways they rely on… WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 01)
Scientists are giving the face mask a high-tech upgrade. Soon, if you're near someone who sneezes, your mask may st… WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 01)
Coming changes to Apple’s iPhone software will let users decide whether to let apps track them for targeted ads, pu… WSJ Tech (Fri Mar 26)
Printers are still the worst, but at least a new type will help you save money on ink. Our columnist survived testi… WSJ Tech (Thu Mar 25)
The swift decline in Huawei’s smartphone business under U.S. sanctions has left an opening in the market; enter Xia… WSJ Tech (Wed Mar 24)
The computer code underlying the TikTok app doesn’t pose an overt national security threat to the U.S., a concern o… WSJ Tech (Tue Mar 23)
How green are electric cars? The answer is not as straightforward as it seems WSJ Tech (Tue Mar 23)
Space internet? Here’s when it’s coming, and who will provide it. WSJ Tech (Sat Mar 20)
Healthcare and tech firms including Microsoft and are behind an effort to roll out mobile a… WSJ Tech (Fri Mar 19)
U.S. safety regulators are investigating a crash involving a Tesla vehicle, the latest in a series of accidents tha… WSJ Tech (Thu Mar 18)
It’s still too hard to book a Covid-19 vaccine appointment. Columnist @JoannaStern shares her latest round of trick… WSJ Tech (Thu Mar 18)
Financial and education tech companies are trying to teach young investors how to enter the market with long-term s… WSJ Tech (Sat Mar 13)
Discord nearly tripled its revenue last year solely by selling subscription access to exclusive perks, while Facebo… WSJ Tech (Wed Mar 10)
Technology companies' widespread reliance on the "technical interview process," which typically subject job candida… WSJ Tech (Wed Mar 10)
Laptops are the key technology for remote work. We asked experts what improvements are coming—and what improvements… WSJ Tech (Tue Mar 09)
Read the original column here WSJ Tech (Tue Mar 09)
What started as research for a column on the best tech tips to book vaccine appointments has become a bit of an obs… WSJ Tech (Tue Mar 09)
A cyberattack on Microsoft's Exchange email software is believed to have infected tens of thousands of businesses,… WSJ Tech (Sat Mar 06)