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Trolls made photos of Bianca Devins' death go viral on Instagram. Now, the teen's family wants answers.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Dec 17)
Without money and resources, it's hard to fill the diversity gap in tech, especially for women of color.… HuffPost Tech (Fri Dec 13)
The heads of Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger services told Barr and his U.K. and Australian counterparts that… HuffPost Tech (Wed Dec 11)
Twitter said this week it would pause plans to purge inactive accounts after some users worried about memorialized… HuffPost Tech (Fri Nov 29)
Twitter is pausing its plan to erase inactive accounts after concerns emerged over the pages of deceased users.… HuffPost Tech (Wed Nov 27)
In response to Instagram's opaque standards for "inappropriate" content, women have started switching their gender… HuffPost Tech (Tue Nov 19)
Amazon will challenge a $10 billion Pentagon contract awarded to Microsoft, saying the process was tainted by "poli… HuffPost Tech (Fri Nov 15)
Facebook's biannual transparency report tells how it's fighting fake news and child sexual exploitation.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 14)
Apple Inc co-founder Steve Wozniak joined in the online debate over accusations of gender discrimination by the alg… HuffPost Tech (Tue Nov 12)
A man said the Apple Card offered him a credit limit 20 times greater than it gave to his wife, even though she has… HuffPost Tech (Sun Nov 10)
The Pentagon awarded Microsoft a $10 billion cloud computing contract, snubbing early front-runner Amazon,… HuffPost Tech (Sat Oct 26)
A Democratic lawmaker who was at Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg slammed the Facebook co-founder's revisionist history… HuffPost Tech (Wed Oct 23)
With 8chan now inaccessible, the message board’s hordes of displaced hatemongers are searching for a new place to s… HuffPost Tech (Mon Oct 21)
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said Facebook was the "new cigarettes" and called for the tech giant to be broken up.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Oct 17)
One person who watched confidence-building videos from a drag queen ended up in an echo chamber of homophobic rants… HuffPost Tech (Tue Oct 15)
Transfixed Fortnite fans watched black hole for hours, wondering if anything else was going to happen.… HuffPost Tech (Mon Oct 14)
The tech company said the app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it… HuffPost Tech (Thu Oct 10)
Gaming giant Blizzard said pro gamer Blitzchung violated competition rules when he said, "Liberate Hong Kong!" in a… HuffPost Tech (Tue Oct 08)
YouTube banned supremacist content in June, but such content is still rampant on the site. Here's the latest exampl… HuffPost Tech (Tue Oct 08)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a livestreamed Q&A with employees in which he addressed leaked remarks he made in… HuffPost Tech (Fri Oct 04)
The union campaign at Kickstarter is heating up HuffPost Tech (Thu Sep 12)
Google is facing scrutiny from 50 attorneys general over possible antitrust violations. HuffPost Tech (Mon Sep 09)
The Amazon has been burning for weeks. Scammers see the fires as an opportunity. HuffPost Tech (Thu Sep 05)
Earlier this summer, Facebook lost an appeal in a class action lawsuit claiming that its facial recognition tech am… HuffPost Tech (Tue Sep 03)
Somebody has been sending emails to Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, asking for money to stop repeated removals of… HuffPost Tech (Mon Aug 26)
Claims that Facebook or Instagram is changing its terms of service and will make everything public unless users rep… HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 21)
A report authored by a former Republican senator shows no evidence of anti-conservative bias at Facebook.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Aug 20)
Twitter told The Associated Press that it's shut down more than 200,000 accounts believed to be part of a Chinese g… HuffPost Tech (Tue Aug 20)
The House Homeland Security Committee issued a bipartisan subpoena Wednesday for 8chan owner Jim Watkins to testify… HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 14)
Scammers have set their sights on TikTok to try to cash in on its meteoric rise as a video-sharing app for young pe… HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 14)
Facial recognition software prompts privacy, racism concerns HuffPost Tech (Fri Aug 09)
The suspended account Trump retweeted described itself as a Trump supporter and “not a bot.” HuffPost Tech (Thu Aug 01)
The investigation comes as a growing number of lawmakers have called for stricter regulation or even breaking up of… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jul 24)
YouTube's top conspiracy theory channels are still thriving despite the platform's crackdown on disinformation.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Jul 23)
If you, like a shockingly large number of celebrities, recently installed FaceApp to predict what you’ll look like… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jul 17)
Trump says he will "take a look" at Google following billionaire investor Peter Thiel's speculation that the tech g… HuffPost Tech (Tue Jul 16)
Twitter is expanding its definition of what qualifies as "hateful conduct" on the platform. HuffPost Tech (Tue Jul 09)
House Democrats urged Facebook to delay plans for its digital currency, Libra, until regulators could figure out ho… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jul 03)
Facebook is rolling out a plan to combat misinformation on the 2020 census, but some civil rights advocates say it'… HuffPost Tech (Mon Jul 01)
Ive will leave the iPhone maker later this year to form an independent design company. HuffPost Tech (Thu Jun 27)
Family vlogging is a burgeoning industry in which thousands of parents and kids upload home videos to YouTube for m… HuffPost Tech (Tue Jun 18)
Facebook unveiled an ambitious plan to create a new digital currency similar to Bitcoin for global use, one that co… HuffPost Tech (Tue Jun 18)
One of the Google employees behind last year’s mass walkout protesting the tech giant’s poor handling of sexual har… HuffPost Tech (Fri Jun 07)
Apple is expected to announce the total replacement of iTunes during its developer conference Monday, signaling a m… HuffPost Tech (Sat Jun 01)
Uber says it will start deactivating riders with a history of low ratings, just as it does for drivers.… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 29)
An interview from 24 years ago has resurfaced in which the late fantasy author Terry Pratchett warned of the spread… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 29)
Twitter and Facebook announced they've deleted a massive number of disinformation accounts linked to Iran.… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 29)
That’s roughly equivalent to 1.6 percent of the entire population of Earth, if you assume the population of Earth i… HuffPost Tech (Thu May 23)
Former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos said CEO Mark Zuckerberg should hire a replacement, arguing he's become… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 22)
″There’s nothing a user could have done here, short of not having the app,” said researcher John Scott-Railton.… HuffPost Tech (Tue May 14)
Instagram is blocking a slew of anti-vaccine hashtags to stem the flow of misinformation on its platform.… HuffPost Tech (Fri May 10)
“Even Uber did this." Google employees are demanding independent, third-party investigators to examine claims of ha… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 08)
Twitter rolled out an update that allows users to add gifs, pictures and videos when they retweet. And many people… HuffPost Tech (Mon May 06)
The company said the warning lights didn't impact the safety of the planes and that other common safety features we… HuffPost Tech (Mon May 06)
Facebook Dating users can now tell up to nine of their friends that they're interested in them using a new feature… HuffPost Tech (Tue Apr 30)
“Google’s retaliation isn’t about me,” wrote one organizer of the mass walkout at the tech company. “It’s about si HuffPost Tech (Tue Apr 23)
Facebook says "millions" of Instagram passwords were stored improperly, an increase from "tens of thousands" it sai… HuffPost Tech (Thu Apr 18)
With YouTube's help, a conspiracy theory video about Notre Dame has gained nearly 100,000 views.… HuffPost Tech (Wed Apr 17)
Facebook realized by September 2018 that, rather than boost trustworthy content, its efforts may have had the oppos… HuffPost Tech (Wed Apr 17)
TikTok’s failure to enforce its policies against hate speech has attracted extremists who have been kicked off othe… HuffPost Tech (Tue Apr 16)
Facebook shelled out millions in additional spending to ensure Mark Zuckerberg's safety last year, according to a n… HuffPost Tech (Sat Apr 13)
The Secret Service says a data forensics analyst would never just pick up a thumb drive and plug it into a laptop,… HuffPost Tech (Tue Apr 09)
Here's why influencers flout the FTC's rules on sponsored content in their social media posts.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Apr 02)
Sources told TechCrunch the charging coil design produced too much heat for safe use. Despite Apple’s best efforts,… HuffPost Tech (Fri Mar 29)
A series of internal emails leaked to Business Insider show Facebook executives struggled this week over how best t… HuffPost Tech (Thu Mar 28)
After a gunman broadcast live footage of his attack on a New Zealand mosque on Facebook, the social media giant say… HuffPost Tech (Thu Mar 28)
The French Council of the Muslim Faith launched a complaint Monday against two tech giants for not being quick enou… HuffPost Tech (Tue Mar 26)
Up to 600 million Facebook users had their account passwords logged and stored internally as plain text files.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Mar 21)
An audience watched a Facebook livestream of the New Zealand shooting, but the company says not a single user repor… HuffPost Tech (Tue Mar 19)
Facebook says it has removed more than a million videos of the New Zealand mosque massacres. HuffPost Tech (Sun Mar 17)
“It all comes down to people spending time on the site,” a member of the Counter Extremism Project said. “YouTube’s… HuffPost Tech (Sat Mar 16)
Horrific video storms through Facebook's screening system. HuffPost Tech (Sat Mar 16)
The spread of footage from Friday's New Zealand mosque shootings is reigniting debate over social media's role in c… HuffPost Tech (Fri Mar 15)
Queen Elizabeth made her first Instagram post on TBT. HuffPost Tech (Thu Mar 07)
Zuckerberg laid out his vision in a Wednesday blog post HuffPost Tech (Wed Mar 06)
A group of Microsoft workers is demanding the company cancel a contract supplying the U.S. Army with HoloLens heads… HuffPost Tech (Sun Feb 24)
U.K. Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on disinformation argues tech giants, like Fac… HuffPost Tech (Mon Feb 18)
In an interview hosted on his own platform, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged that when it comes to tech respons… HuffPost Tech (Wed Feb 13)
A former Google engineer applauded YouTube for tamping down on the spread of the conspiracy-mongering videos he onc… HuffPost Tech (Mon Feb 11)
Apple will pay an Arizona teenager who revealed a major security flaw on its devices last month.… HuffPost Tech (Sat Feb 09)
Apple could remove apps that record users' screen activity without their explicit knowledge. HuffPost Tech (Fri Feb 08)
Apple has released a software update that fixes a FaceTime bug that allowed users to listen to and watch others wit… HuffPost Tech (Thu Feb 07)
Facebook says it'll appeal the ruling, the culmination of a three-year probe. HuffPost Tech (Thu Feb 07)
Apple is reportedly delaying its fix for a bug on the app that allowed eavesdroppers to listen in on calls and even… HuffPost Tech (Sat Feb 02)
Facebook admitted to TechCrunch it was running the Research program to gather data on usage habits.… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jan 30)
iPhone users were urged to immediately disable FaceTime after the discovery of the bug. HuffPost Tech (Tue Jan 29)
Salesforce's Marc Benioff is calling out his own industry for its role in fostering inequality and homelessness.… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jan 23)
We sat down with the Twitter CEO to talk about Trump, fixing Twitter, and those controversial Myanmar tweets.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Jan 17)
"It is very difficult for folks earning what would be an average salary to buy what should be an average house."… HuffPost Tech (Thu Jan 17)
YouTube said it is cracking down on videos that encourage dangerous activities — yes, likely including the "Bird Bo… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jan 16)
Amazon's Alexa interrupted a presentation with an attempted fact-check. HuffPost Tech (Tue Jan 08)
Wrapping up Facebook’s worst year yet, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that he has no fix for the hate speech and elec… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jan 02)
"Give me the scroll back!" HuffPost Tech (Thu Dec 27)
This year, Facebook faced a litany of firestorms about privacy and data, election meddling, and a lack of diverse h… HuffPost Tech (Wed Dec 19)
And Google's top trending people and topics for 2018 are... HuffPost Tech (Wed Dec 12)
Barack Obama is riding high in Twitter's annual roundup. Donald Trump? Not so much. HuffPost Tech (Wed Dec 05)
“The Boring Company is no longer seeking the development of the Sepulveda test tunnel and instead seeks to construc… HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 29)
Here's everything Facebook is under scrutiny for this week. Spoiler: it's a lot. HuffPost Tech (Tue Nov 27)
“We’re doing this to provide Ohioans more options and ease in paying their taxes and also to project Ohio’s leaders… HuffPost Tech (Tue Nov 27)
Elliot Schrage, Facebook's head of communications, defended the company's decision to hire Definers Public Affairs.… HuffPost Tech (Wed Nov 21)
"The allegations saying I personally stood in the way are also just plain wrong," she wrote in a Facebook post Thur… HuffPost Tech (Fri Nov 16)
Definers Public Affairs reportedly tried to connect an anti-Facebook group to the financier in an effort to deflect… HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 15)
In addition to Long Island City and Arlington, the company will also open a major office in Nashville.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Nov 13)
White supremacist Christopher Cantwell was one of the first to post. “Hey Jews! We’re back on Gab now,” he wrote.… HuffPost Tech (Mon Nov 05)
The Google protest swelled from 200 employees to a global walkout in less than a week. HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 01)
“What naturally happens is you end up with one company dominating the field so through history there is no alternat… HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 01)
"While Google has championed the language of diversity and inclusion, substantive actions to address systemic racis… HuffPost Tech (Thu Nov 01)
"We ban these organizations and individuals from our platforms and also remove all praise and support when we becom… HuffPost Tech (Wed Oct 31)
Who is Gab Founder Andrew Torba? HuffPost Tech (Tue Oct 30)
“They really wanted to show the world they haven’t forgotten about the iPad and the Mac," one expert said.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Oct 30)
Several companies that had provided Gab with crucial services to keep the site running ? including its domain provi… HuffPost Tech (Mon Oct 29)
TwitchCon's promise of stringent safety measures after an attack on gaming competitors in August “simply didn’t hap… HuffPost Tech (Sun Oct 28)
“We at Apple are in full support of a comprehensive federal privacy law in the United States,” he said.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Oct 25)
Now there’s one less excuse to not vote. HuffPost Tech (Mon Oct 15)
The company said hackers targeted the social network's "View as" feature. HuffPost Tech (Fri Sep 28)
Former Facebook employee Selena Scola seeks a class action suit on behalf of moderators, saying the company has fai… HuffPost Tech (Mon Sep 24)
For $9 a month, parents can connect the app to monitor texts, emails and social media posts. It's designed to detec… HuffPost Tech (Mon Sep 24)
Every time your iPhone or iPad updates, it comes with a slew of security patches to prevent crashes or data theft.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Sep 18)
When disaster calls. HuffPost Tech (Sat Sep 15)
None of the new iPhones will include a free adapter, which Apple charges $9 for. HuffPost Tech (Thu Sep 13)
QAnon revolves around the notion that Trump is secretly working to put Democrats and Hollywood elites in jail.… HuffPost Tech (Thu Sep 13)
“Look at the work that Elon’s companies do and focus on that," Gwynne Shotwell said. HuffPost Tech (Wed Sep 12)
After @HuffPost reached out to Amazon, it dropped some of the books by Daryush Valizadeh, who profits off glorifyin… HuffPost Tech (Tue Sep 11)
“The online aspect of this is huge,” said Steve Monchak, a drone pilot recruiting volunteers to search for missing… HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 29)
Look out for half-off promo codes from Lyft next Election Day. HuffPost Tech (Thu Aug 23)
Facebook says it removed 652 disinformation accounts linked to russia and iran HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 22)
A Facebook representative says some users maliciously flag everything as fake if they dislike it, whether it's true… HuffPost Tech (Tue Aug 21)
The states argue the FCC action could harm public safety, citing electrical grids as an example.… HuffPost Tech (Tue Aug 21)
Previously, the page had stated that “with Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored.”… HuffPost Tech (Thu Aug 16)
"@RealAlexJones is now in @Twitter prison!" HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 15)
The conference's organizer says it's naive to think Russia's not already doing the same thing.… HuffPost Tech (Mon Aug 13)
How this woman is helping vulnerable communities through digital identities HuffPost Tech (Sun Aug 12)
Alex Jones may be safe on Twitter, but "Western chauvinist" Proud Boys are not. HuffPost Tech (Sat Aug 11)
“We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules." HuffPost Tech (Wed Aug 08)
Law enforcement turns to a fitness tracker to help find Mollie Tibbetts, who was last seen jogging.… HuffPost Tech (Fri Jul 27)
Facebook repeatedly declined to ban a group called “If she puts you in the friend zone, you put her in the RAPE zon… HuffPost Tech (Fri Jul 27)
Cloudflare triggered outrage for helping fascists thrive online. What about the radical misogynists it empowers?… HuffPost Tech (Wed Jul 25)
The car's built-in system for automatic emergency braking was disabled. HuffPost Tech (Thu May 24)
Facebook moderated millions more posts containing hate speech, terrorist propaganda, graphic violence and content f… HuffPost Tech (Wed May 16)
Drivers forget that the engines don’t shut off automatically. HuffPost Tech (Mon May 14)
Soon you'll be able to stop Facebook from linking browsing data with your account. HuffPost Tech (Tue May 01)
The dating app, Zuckerberg said, is meant to help bring people together in long-lasting relationships, not random h… HuffPost Tech (Tue May 01)
“You as a Facebook user are not the customer. You are the product they sell.” HuffPost Tech (Wed Mar 21)
Instagram may start ratting on you if you screenshot someone's story HuffPost Tech (Mon Feb 12)
2017 was the year of hacks. 2018 probably won't be better. HuffPost Tech (Sat Dec 30)
AOL Instant Messenger to sign off forever after 20 years HuffPost Tech (Fri Oct 06)
Use these 7 apps to save money on Halloween costumes this year HuffPost Tech (Wed Sep 27)
EU to hand Apple a bill of $1.1 billion over tax dodging allegations HuffPost Tech (Tue Aug 30)
The iPhone X is here HuffPost Tech (Wed Sep 13)
Why air travel still sucks HuffPost Tech (Tue Jul 25)