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Indian startup Clear, which helps individuals and businesses file tax returns and more, raises a $75M Series C from… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Australia's Online Privacy Bill plans to make social media companies obtain parental consent for users under 16, wi… Techmeme (Mon Oct 25)
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Profile of Databricks CEO and co-founder Ali Ghodsi, who turned the data analytics startup into a company worth $28… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Researchers detail how hackers are using FiveSys, a rootkit with a Microsoft-issued digital signature, to steal the… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
India-based Groww, which lets users invest in mutual funds, gold, stocks, and more, raises a $251M Series E led by… Techmeme (Mon Oct 25)
ProtonMail's parent company wins a Swiss court appeal confirming email services are not considered telcos and thus… Techmeme (Mon Oct 25)
Brazil-based Hash, which develops white label payment infrastructure for non-financial B2B companies looking to off… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Citizen Lab: the iPhone of Ben Hubbard, an American reporter for NYT, was hacked in 2020 and 2021, likely by Saudi… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Tesla rolls back its FSD beta from version 10.3, which improved many items like brake light and turn signal detecti… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Tesco, UK's largest supermarket chain, was targeted by hackers on Saturday, halting orders on its app and website t… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
A look at productivity influencers who center their content around apps like Notion, Excel, and Asana, offering adv… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Profile of France-based BlaBlaCar, a long distance carpooling marketplace with 80% of its riders outside of France… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Microsoft reverses its decision to remove code editing feature Hot Reload in its upcoming 6 SDK, after backlas… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
CISA warns of malware discovered in npm package UAParser.js, which has 6M-7M downloads weekly, that installs a pass… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Tel Aviv and Palo Alto-based which is developing a data management service, raises a $22 m… Techmeme (Sun Oct 24)
Embrace, a mobile data intelligence startup, raises a $45M Series B led by NEA (@christinemhall / TechCrunch)… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Internal docs detail Facebook's struggles with violence-inciting content in India, including failure to designate s… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
A look at the bitter privacy debate in a Colorado neighborhood over the use of license plate scanners made by Flock… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
PitchBook: the number of European VC deals with US investor participation rose from 359 deals totaling €2.7B in 201… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Q&A with Sundar Pichai on the future of work after lockdowns, unionization push by Google employees, changing perce… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Mobile game maker Scopely to buy GSN Games division, which makes free-to-play games like Bingo Bash, from Sony Pict… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Facebook files a lawsuit against a Ukrainian national for allegedly scraping its website and selling the personal d… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Docs: Facebook user reports of "false news" hit ~40K per hour on Jan. 6; the account reported most often for inciti… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Docs show Facebook employees alerted the company about misinformation before and after Election Day, but felt that… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Internal docs show Facebook staff faulted the company for failing to thwart the proliferation of Groups, like Stop… Techmeme (Sat Oct 23)
Internal docs: Facebook employees created a test account in 2019 and within days, it was recommended extreme and co… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Sources: over 12 news outlets, including AP and Fox Business, formed a consortium to sift leaked Facebook docs from… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
US court rules Texas AG can seek internal docs in limited discovery from Twitter, Google, and Facebook, regarding h… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Docs from 16 AGs' Google suit: Google sought help from Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft to stall federal efforts to s… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
A 2019 email confirms Google asked Roku for preferential treatment for YouTube in Roku's search results, despite Go… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Sources: during the final days of the Trump presidency, OCC quietly determined that banks are legally allowed to tr… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Apple issues new App Store Guidelines, including letting developers contact users about other payment methods as pa… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
A group of states say Google takes up to 42% of the money paid for online ads, in a newly unsealed court filing in… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
A new whistleblower, a former member of Facebook's Integrity team, files an SEC complaint alleging Facebook prized… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Braze, a marketing campaign management software startup, files for an IPO, says its FY 2021 revenue was $150.2M, up… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Software Freedom Conservancy says TRUTH Social violates Mastodon's open source code licensing terms by not sharing… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Walmart is testing letting shoppers buy bitcoin at 200 Coinstar kiosks in its US stores through a Coinme partnershi… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
ByteDance's Douyin adds a five second mandatory pause between videos to curb binge-viewing in China, following Beij… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Vodafone sues the UK, claiming Fujitsu was unfairly awarded a contract to upgrade the secure network connecting 532… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Tencent says a now-fixed vulnerability made some WeChat content available to Google and Bing, both of which are blo… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Russian official says its deep packet inspection tech is now installed at 500 telco locations, covering 100% of mob… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
US Commerce Dept. data shows it issued ~$103B in export licenses for semiconductors and other products to suppliers… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Source: South Korea's online payment service Kakao Pay raised $1.3B in its Seoul IPO after pricing shares at $76.60… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Maria Ressa discusses the role of social media in the rise of polarization, her interactions with Zuckerberg and Sa… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Snap and TikTok testifying for the first time before Congress next week shows how lawmakers' oversight has fixated… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
A look at the cultural and investment shifts Intel undertook to build a leading-edge foundry business, which some s… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
China hints its regulatory crackdown on tech may be ending as its financial regulator says he expects significant p… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
A look at efforts by bitcoin miners to use green energy sources, including the voluntary Crypto Climate Accord fram… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
FTC study on the six largest ISPs finds that some fail to fully inform consumers on how their data is monetized, su… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Lyft releases its first safety report, says it received 4,000+ reports of sexual assault, including 360 reports of… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Hong Kong-based XanPool, whose software facilitates faster crypto and fiat settlements, raises a $27M Series A led… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Olo, a white label restaurant ordering service, acquires Wisely, which offers restaurant-focused customer intellige… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
VideoAmp, which offers audience and ad measurement tools across digital platforms and traditional TV, raises a $275… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Pomelo, which was founded earlier this year to make fintech-as-a-service infrastructure for LatAm businesses, raise… Techmeme (Fri Oct 22)
Sources: Brex, which offers credit cards tailored to startups, raises $300M at a $12.3B valuation, following a $425… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Windows 11 update fixes AMD CPU latency issues that reduced performance 3-5% for some apps and 10-15% for esports g… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: ransomware gang REvil has been hacked and forced offline this week by an active multi-country operation th… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Analysis of 23K+ websites of nonprofit organizations: ~86% had third-party cookies or trackers, with some, like Pla… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Intel Q3: revenue of $18.1B, up 5% YoY, vs. $18.2B est., Client Computing Group revenue fell 2% to $9.7B due to com… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Snap Q3: $1.07B revenue, up 57% YoY, vs. $1.10B est., DAUs up 23% to 306M, net loss down 64% to $72M, blames iOS AT… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
According to text within macOS Monterey beta, the new 16" MacBook Pro with the M1 Max chip will feature a High Powe… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
The TOS for TRUTH Social shows it bans "excessive use of capital letters", reserves the right to ban users, and hop… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Twitter rolls out the ability for all Android and iOS users to host a Space, after previously limiting access to ac… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Twitter says its research shows its algorithms amplify right-leaning content more than left-leaning content, but do… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Techmeme Leaderboards now include lists of top writers in multiple tech news categories like AI, VR, and much more.… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Austria, France, Italy, Spain, and UK reach a deal with US to drop digital services taxes on Big Tech companies as… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Parallel, which is making a sci-fi NFT card game based on the Ethereum blockchain, raises $50M from Paradigm at a $… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Who's hiring in tech? @muxhq @automattic @Affinity @asana @humane @urbint …and more! Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Mojito, which lets clients like Sotheby's sell NFTs from their own storefronts or websites, raises $20M at a $100M… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Amazon rolls out Local Selling, an in-store pickup option for items from local businesses in the US (@annierpalmer… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: Intel's talks with chip designer SiFive ended without a deal and the startup instead plans to pursue outsi… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Google begins offering Stadia as a white label product, starting with an AT&T deal to let its customers play Batman… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Google lowers Play Store subscription fees to 15% and fees for ebooks and on-demand music streaming services to "as… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Mastodon founder says Trump's TRUTH Social seems to be using a Mastodon fork, based on a screenshot of an error mes… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sam Altman's Worldcoin comes out of stealth, says its cryptocurrency has 100K users globally and it was valued at $… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
The Associated Press partners with crypto company Chainlink to add data about elections, sports, and more to the bl… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Rippling, an employee data management company led by Parker Conrad, raises $250M at a valuation of $6.5B, bringing… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sports NFT service Candy Digital, owned by sports e-commerce company Fanatics, raises a $100M Series A at a $1.5B v… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Venezuelan delivery app Yummy raises an $18M Series A led by Anthos Capital and says it has over 200,000 registered… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service adds a $100/month tier with RTX 3080 GPU, hosted inside a bespoke SuperPo… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 review: futuristic design, excellent multitasking, and useful pen support, but buggy, lousy… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau plans broad investigations into consumer data practices at Amazon,… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Bahamas-based crypto exchange FTX raises a $420.69M Series B-1 at a $25B valuation from 69 investors, including Bla… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Facebook's Oversight Board releases a report demanding more transparency, including for its "cross-check" system, a… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Apple product orders, including iPad mini, MacBook Pro, and $19 cleaning cloth, are delayed into November and Decem… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: China suggested Didi, Full Truck Alliance, and online recruitment service Kanzhun explore Hong Kong listin… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
French labor union-commissioned report: Amazon shipped 258M packages in France in 2020, up from 229M in 2019 but be… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: Indonesia's GoTo is raising $1.5B at a $28.5B valuation, including $400M from the Abu Dhabi Investment Aut… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Plaid partners with Square, Stripe, and others to help consumers and businesses make payments funded by their bank… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Over 2,000 hourly Amazon workers at its Staten Island facilities sign union cards and plan to file with the NLRB by… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Paris-based collaborative learning service 360learning raises $200M from Sumeru Equity, Vision Fund 2, and others t… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Chinese chipmaker Clounix, which focuses on network chips, raises $63M across angel and seed, the latter led by Chi… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Analysis: Chinese livestream salesman Li Jiaqi, known for trying on makeup on his show, sold $1.9B in goods on Alib… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: Susquehanna, which owns ~15% of ByteDance, is looking to sell a stake worth ~$500M; source says a sharehol… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
PleasrDAO, a group of digital asset collectors, says it created an NFT that will stand as an ownership deed for Wu-… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Apple's product design has improved since Jony Ive left, as it seems to be putting the emphasis back on function ov… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Batch, a company founded by the team behind AppGratis to let companies manage push notifications at scale, raises $… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
SkyHive, which develops workforce planning software that lets customers benchmark against competitors by analyzing… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
A first look at Android app support on Windows 11: the apps are nicely integrated, run well, and installing them is… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Yahoo Finance's mobile app, which posts news from other outlets along with market data, has disappeared from the Ap… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
YouTube Music's free tier will transition to audio-only with background listening next month, with videos reserved… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Internal memo: Facebook has quietly killed the "Hey Facebook" wake word for Portal, as customers were confused by t… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Honeycomb, which develops a software observability tool used by companies including Stripe and Slack, raises a $50M… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Trump announces the Trump Media & Technology Group and TRUTH Social, a social network coming in Nov. to "stand up"… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Sources: Mark Zuckerberg has not settled on a new name for Facebook, which could be announced as early as Monday (… Techmeme (Thu Oct 21)
Hex, which simplifies storing and sharing large data sets with integrations for Snowflake, BigQuery, and others, ra… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Facebook will start demoting all Groups content from users who have violated policies elsewhere on the site, and wi… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Internal email: Apple will test unvaccinated corporate staff each time they enter offices starting Nov. 1, and asks… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Twitter acquires London-based Sphere, which develops a group chat app and has raised $30M to date (@refsrc / TechCr… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Superplastic, which owns an animated collab house of "synthetic superstars" on social media, raises a $20M Series A… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
SAP's Qualtrics reports Q3 revenue of $271.6M, up 41% YoY, subscription revenue of $220.3M, up 49% YoY, Q4 projecte… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
IBM reports Q3 revenue of $17.62B, vs. $17.77B est., Global Technology Services revenue of $6.15B, down ~5% YoY, vs… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sommelier Finance, which provides an automated DeFi portfolio manager, raises a $23M Series A led by Polychain Capi… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Source: Pierre Omidyar's philanthropic organization Luminate handles Frances Haugen's PR in Europe; Omidyar donated… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Since May, Google says it has blocked 1.6M messages and restored ~4,000 YouTube influencer accounts affected by a p… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
DC-based exploit broker Zerodium is now seeking to buy 0-days in ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark's PC apps, name… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
[Thread] Analysis of FTC's report on Big Tech's startup M&A between 2010 and 2019: half of the deals were <$10M, mo… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Microsoft begins letting Windows 11 beta testers try Android apps from the Amazon Appstore, starting with 50 select… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sources: the recent ransomware attack against Sinclair is linked to Russian group Evil Corp., which changed names t… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sources: PayPal has approached Pinterest about an acquisition, potentially valuing it at $39B; Pinterest stock has… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
US Commerce Department announces rules banning the export or resale of hacking tools, such as NSO's Pegasus, to Chi… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Profile of Asana as it announces an Enterprise Work Graph, APIs to integrate with CRM tools, and more (… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Analysis: Andreessen Horowitz's investment team has grown to 70 in the past four years, up by 170%, outpacing Sequo… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
How Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, and others increasingly rival states for geopolitical influence and are reshap… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
A look at Ask Delphi, a research project by the Allen Institute for AI that offers answers to ethical dilemmas, oft… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Samsung updates Galaxy Watch 4 with Fall Detection, new watch faces, gesture controls, and more, rolling out in the… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Bitcoin crosses $65,607, an all-time high, after the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF rose by nearly 5% in trading (C… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Spotify partners with Shopify to let artists list merch on profiles for $29/month to $299/month, starting in the US… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Invicti Security, which helps companies secure web apps, raises $625M led by Summit Partners; Invicti was created b… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
UK's Royal Mint partners with Canadian startup Excir to extract and recycle gold and precious metals from old smart… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Tel Aviv-based Deci, which helps build AI models that can work with available data and compute power, raises a $21M… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Animoca Brands, which lets players own in-game items as NFTs, raises $65M at a $2.2B valuation, up from $1B in May… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Flock Freight, which uses AI to help shippers pool goods, raises a $215M Series D at a $1.3B valuation led by Visio… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Pinterest redesigns its home feed, adding a Watch tab for short videos and photo albums (@qwongsj / CNET)… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Egypt's state-run e-payments company, E-Finance, rises 40% on its market debut, after raising $370M (Bloomberg)… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
HR Acuity, which develops employee relations and investigations management software, raises $47M from K1 Investment… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Draft EU document: finalization of the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act has been pushed back further in… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sources: Jack Ma has left China for the first time since Alibaba came under regulatory pressure last November, trav… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sources: China tells McDonald's to expand its e-renminbi payments system ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics; sour… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
UK's CMA fines Facebook £50.5M for breaching an order imposed during its ongoing Giphy acquisition investigation, s… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
District of Columbia AG Karl Racine plans to add Mark Zuckerberg to an ongoing privacy lawsuit, which began in 2018… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Report: US memory chip maker Micron Technology to build a $7B plant in Hiroshima to make DRAM chips, with productio… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Sources: China's Oppo is developing high-end mobile chips, using TSMC's 3nm tech, for its premium handsets due out… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
A look at the use of drones and online "in-play" betting at UK horse racing venues to gain a gambling advantage, wh… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is akin to a commodities fund and will have the same risks that investors have been… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Brave replaces Google with its own privacy-centric Brave Search as the default search engine in its browser (… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Prague-based Rossum, which uses AI to automate document processing, raises a $100M Series A led by General Catalyst… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Comcast unveils XClass smart TVs starting at $298, available at Walmart, and offering 12 months of ad-supported Pea… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)
Despite its years-long opposition to foreign VPNs, China says foreign entities can now invest in VPN services in th… Techmeme (Wed Oct 20)