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Inside Russia's secret campaign to deploy novel technology to censor the internet.  NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 22)
In its first safety report, Lyft reported sexual assault incidents roughly in line with the much larger Uber. NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 22)
Astronomers are eager to use the new telescope, but its name may join the ranks of the unmentionables — a Lord Vold… NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 22)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes that Comcast TVs may never be best sellers, but they’re interesting because of… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 21)
“If he’s not responsible for the bad stuff that happened while he was in charge, why is he responsible for the good… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 21)
Buying a new iPhone for $1,000? By some estimates, an investment of $1,000 in a retirement account today would ball… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 21)
[email protected] looks at the math. NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 21)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that over-the-counter hearing aids have the potential to show government and tech co… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Need to communicate with someone who doesn't speak your language? Google Translate and Apple's own Translate app on… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 20)
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is using modern technology to stir appreciation for ancient artistry — including a… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Dog trainers are turning to video sessions to work with pets and their owners. NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Robots can make French fries, mix drinks and even clean toilets, and they never ask for a raise. But they also brea… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 20)
“If somebody had called me two years ago and said, ‘could I call you and talk about my dog on Zoom?’ I would have s… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 19)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that start-up implosions don’t matter to most people, but the feelings of unfairness… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 19)
A lawsuit filed by an animal rights group claims that YouTube has failed to take down videos that show startling ab… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 19)
“We have more work to do to break through with younger teens,” read one internal Instagram marketing document. NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 18)
As the gaming company Roblox tries to reach an older audience, it has lessons for internet companies that are tryin… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 18)
The program manager for Apple Maps was one of two leaders of a group that called itself AppleToo. NYTimes Tech (Sat Oct 16)
Cybersecurity researchers detailed their concerns about photo-scanning technology that is meant to detect images of… NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 15)
[email protected] visited one of the delivery worker bike watch groups under the Queensboro Bridge. Here is what she lea… NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 15)
As LinkedIn shuts down its networking service in China, it ends what had been one of the most far-reaching experime… NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 15)
Every night, delivery workers station themselves at the entrances and exits of bridges, where they’ve been targeted… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 14)
[email protected] and @paulmozur write that the shutdown of LinkedIn’s networking service in China cleaves apart one of the… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 14)
"Audiobooks are a prime example of a technology developed by or for people with disabilities that has helped all of… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Just as economies seemed to be returning to something like normal, an energy crunch has hit Britain, the rest of Eu… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes that young tech companies like DoorDash and Instacart are becoming addicted… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 13)
As the technology sector grew during the pandemic, tech companies expanded their footprint in Seattle – gobbling up… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 13)
[email protected] writes that patrols by delivery workers keep watch on bicycles in dangerous areas, use apps to track s… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 13)
[email protected]_Weed notes that among the 100 largest technology leases, 14 were in the Seattle area, totaling 3.4 million… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 12)
“A bike robbery isn’t at the top of the police’s priority list, and that’s the frustration with delivery workers,”&helli NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Thefts of the electric bicycles that delivery workers rely on — which can cost up to $3,000, or more, to replace —… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes that when the tech giants splurge on big-ticket investments, it’s great for th… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Before the first Apple Store gleamed in New York City, many artists, writers and musicians hauled their Macs to Tek… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Vaccine makers are betting that the mRNA technology powering two successful Covid vaccines will help curb the tragi… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 11)
Here's what the public can't see behind the courthouse doors of the trial of Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes. NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 11)
“The path to the long term is not smooth, right?" Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, told employees last… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 11)
To the list of unlikely winners of the pandemic add Japan’s hundreds of thousands of capsule vending machines. NYTimes Tech (Sat Oct 09)
“Creating gachapon for adults is all about devoting yourself to making something that’s worthless,” one Japanese jo… NYTimes Tech (Sat Oct 09)
There is rare bipartisan interest in limiting Facebook's power. But what can the government actually do? NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 08)
[email protected] and @el72champs write that the outcome of El Salvador adopting bitcoin as legal tender could help dete… NYTimes Tech (Fri Oct 08)
“We’re now at a turning point in cryptocurrency,” said one former senior programmer at the Ethereum Foundation. “Th… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 07)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes that with each Facebook scandal, we become savvier about the influence of tech… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 07)
Sarah probó casi todos los tratamientos para su depresión, pero nada funcionó. Ahora, con una terapia experimental… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 07)
Security experts have recommended using a VPN to shield your internet traffic from bad actors. But just as tech gad… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 07)
[email protected] writes that he ended up using some web tools to create his own private network for free, which wasn’t easy… NYTimes Tech (Thu Oct 07)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that this is a pivotal moment in Facebook’s history. She looks at suggestions for ho… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 06)
The Senate testimony of Frances Haugen, a Facebook whistle-blower, could be a turning point for the social media pl… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Why did Facebook go down on Monday? The company says a series of mistakes brought services down -- and tough physic… NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 06)
As tech gadgets become outdated over time, so does some tech advice -- including advice about VPNs. NYTimes Tech (Wed Oct 06)
A prediction that Stephen Hawking made 48 years ago was a first crucial step in a series of insights about black ho… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
"Hawking could already have been included in this prize were he still living," said Harvard physicist Andrew Stromi… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes about a different way to think about online bans on misinformation. NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Personalized electrical brain stimulation for severe depression—a scientific first. “The emotions are still there,… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook is in trouble, @kevinroose writes. Not financial trouble, or legal trouble, or even senators-yelling-at-Ma… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
[email protected] writes that Facebook’s thirst for young users is less about dominating a new market and more about sta… NYTimes Tech (Tue Oct 05)
As a group, midges behave like liquids or gases, and even exhibit the characteristics of “criticality,” that uncann… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Did death cheat Stephen Hawking of a Nobel Prize? NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Facebook ha contribuido a la violencia, la trata de personas y los abusos de gobiernos autoritarios en varios paíse… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Sarah tried nearly every treatment for her depression, but nothing worked. Now, an experimental therapy—electrical… NYTimes Tech (Mon Oct 04)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that those online eyeglasses and mattress start-ups aren’t tech. But they are innova… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
La actualización anual de los teléfonos inteligentes se ha convertido en un espejismo de innovación tecnológica. NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
Clive Sinclair, an inventor who helped introduce affordable personal computers, has died at 81. “RIP, Sir Sinclair,… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that Amazon’s spirit of invention is refreshing, but we need technologists also to t… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
Floating turbines are a new frontier in the fast-growing offshore wind industry. Here is what @stanleyreed12 saw wh… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
Like many people who use virtual reality technology, one user believes many more years will pass before it becomes… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
Clive Sinclair, an inventor who helped introduce affordable personal computers, has died at 81. “RIP, Sir Sinclair,… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
[email protected] writes that Flash Keylogger is part of a rapidly expanding group of apps known as stalkerware. NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 30)
[email protected] writes that if virtual reality is truly ready for mainstream consumers, the improvements over the years… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 29)
From last September to May, the number of devices infected with stalkerware jumped 63 percent, according to a study… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 29)
A Montana man's on-and-off fascination with virtual reality resembles the tech industry's on-and-off interest in th… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 29)
A set of older military early warning satellites has proved highly capable of detecting wildfires as they begin to… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 29)
Facebook may finally be paying the price for its bad reputation. NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 29)
Many advertisers remain skeptical that they can harness TikTok's unpredictable viral powers. The app, once describe… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
How a shortage of truck drivers in Britain led to empty gas pumps, disrupting thousands of people’s lives. NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
At the very tail end of the Covid misinformation trail are people like Dr. Karen Emerson and her animal patients, w… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
Can a new gaming title from Amazon succeed where others have failed? Company executives are banking on the game, ca… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
Can a new gaming title from Amazon succeed where others have failed? Company executives are banking on the game, ca… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
One of the military satellites can see roughly 1/3 of Earth’s surface, and three can scan the entirety of the plane… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
La actualización anual de los teléfonos inteligentes se ha convertido en un espejismo de innovación tecnológica. NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 28)
Robinhood, the free stock-trading app with 21 million active users and counting, has set its sights on a new consum… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 27)
Ozy Media has raised eyebrows for its claims about its audience size for years. Then came the strange voice on the… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 27)
Facebook delayed its “Instagram Kids” app for users under 13 amid questions about its effect on young people’s ment… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 27)
AT&T will phase out 3G wireless service in February 2022, meaning devices will no longer connect. But Covid and chi… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
China intensified its crackdown on cryptocurrency on Friday, declaring all financial transactions involving cryptoc… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Join forces with fellow decision makers at The Forum, the business-specific program at The New York Times Climate H… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
In On Tech, @shiraovide explains why we should care if a handful of tech giants are wasting their time and money. NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
El Pilobolus es un esporangio que crece en el excremento y que cuando se queda sin alimento sale disparado con una… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Last year, roughly 2,000 public companies in the United States held their annual shareholders meetings virtually, u… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
A court decision in Australia can make Facebook users liable for defamatory comments left under their posts, even i… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 24)
A class-action lawsuit brought by Robinhood users alleges that the company was negligent during a period of extreme… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Due to a generational shift to electric cars, experts say it’s possible that American roads could resemble Cuba for… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
As President Biden’s multitrillion-dollar jobs plan wends its way through Congress, a liberal think tank has tried… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Yesterday: Facebook said its chief technology officer planned to step down from his position next year. The Federal… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
The European Union unveiled plans on Thursday to make USB-C connectors the standard charging port for all electroni… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
"How do we make sure that we are reaching the full diversity of humanity in terms of who is invited to participate,… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Germany's law against online hate speech is being criticized for being ineffective. It raises questions about what… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
What to do with your old device? Trading in, donating or recycling retired gear are all popular options. Here are j… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 23)
To meet demand, Volkswagen is cannibalizing parts from finished but unsold vehicles and installing them in trucks f… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Facebook has embarked on a multipronged effort to change its narrative. NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
If you're not trading in your old phone or tablet after upgrading to one of this year's hot new models, you can sti… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Xi Jinping, China's top leader, said on Tuesday that his country would stop building coal-burning power plants over… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
China Evergrande Group said it could repay at least some of its debts; Macy’s plans to hire 76,000 employees at its… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
"I fear that the most significant innovation of these apps is obscuring the true cost of convenience," writes… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
The fall hardware season is here, and if you're upgrading but not trading in, here are some ideas to get more use o… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
To put the iPhone 13 cameras to the test, @bxchen bought a special tripod to hold two phones side by side. Here is… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 22)
In On Tech, @shiraovide writes that Facebook has been used as a tool for violence and abuse in country after countr… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 21)
AutoNation, the automotive retail giant, has named Mike Manley, the former chief executive of Fiat Chrysler, as its… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 21)
Pilobolus grows on dung and launches its spores toward a nearby patch of grass with a force equivalent to 20,000 ti… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 21)
The annual smartphone upgrade has become a mirage of tech innovation. NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 21)
“What they’re saying is, this stuff is so dangerous that only certified electricians can do it. We don’t have any e… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 21)
Securities regulators scored a victory in the battle to bring some order to the fast-growing cryptocurrency industr… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Airlines sold tickets in June and July at prices on par with what they charged in 2019, but fares dropped in August… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 20)
A SpaceX official said there was growing interest in private trips to orbit after the completion of the Inspiration… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Twitter agreed to pay $809.5 million to settle a 2016 class action lawsuit that accused the company of misleading i… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Facebook se asoció con Ray-Ban para crear una nueva línea de lentes que puede tomar fotos, grabar videos, responder… NYTimes Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Apple is suddenly grappling with a surge in employee activism, as workers complain about workplace conditions, uneq… NYTimes Tech (Sat Sep 18)
United Airlines briefly paused flights nationwide on Friday morning amid reports of a system outage. NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
An app designed by Russian activists to coordinate protest voting in this weekend’s elections disappeared from the… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
The 2013 revelations of U.S. government snooping on America’s internet companies presaged today’s mistrust between… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
La popularidad de Tesla, así como el rápido crecimiento del mercado de los electrónicos de consumo, detonó una n NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
More than 20 years ago, the internet drove an upheaval in the advertising industry. Now the push for privacy is upe… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
If personal information is no longer the currency that people give for online content and services, something else… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
Richard Branson y Jeff Bezos pasaron minutos al borde del espacio. Ahora la tripulación de Inspiration4 orbitará el… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
Revelations a decade ago that U.S. spies hacked American internet companies helped change technology as we know it,… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
Unseating Tesla as the producer of the electric vehicle that can travel farthest on a single charge, Lucid Motors’… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
Young synthetic biology companies raised nearly $8 billion last year from venture capitalists and initial public of… NYTimes Tech (Fri Sep 17)
For decades, advertisers relied on “cookies,” to track us online and show us relevant ads. Apple and Google have st… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
[email protected] writes that the intensifying battle over the future of the internet has entangled tech titans, upended Mad… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
“La diferencia con este vuelo es que tenemos a tres personas muy normales abordo y nos van a mostrar lo que signifi… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
The insurer MassMutual will pay a $4 million fine to Massachusetts securities regulators as part of a settlement in… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
You might see two very different kinds of internets in the future. Here's what to expect. NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Proponents of synthetic biology say the field could reprogram biology to increase food production, fight disease, g… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
“This is a tool that can make a coder’s life a lot easier.” NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Lucid Motors, a start-up automaker, has unseated Tesla, the dominant maker of electric cars, as the producer of the… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Three-wheelers are legally classified as motorcycles, so they can be parked perpendicular to the curb. As a result,… NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
An intensifying battle over how the internet will operate is reshaping what is known as the “free and open web.” NYTimes Tech (Thu Sep 16)
SpaceX will launch a crew of four space tourists to orbit later today. Here's what you need to know. NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
In On Tech, @shiraovide poses a provocative question: What if smartphones are so successful and useful that they ar… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
American Airlines said it would invest $200 million in Gol, a low-cost Brazilian carrier. NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
A fire in a cable connecting the British and French power systems has sent already overheated British electricity r… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Ford Motor and its autonomous driving affiliate, Argo AI, have teamed up with Walmart to begin testing the home del… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
President Biden will meet with top executives from Microsoft, the Walt Disney Company, Kaiser Permanente and other… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Generac, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer that dominates the backup generator market, is an unlikely Wall Street da… NYTimes Tech (Wed Sep 15)
No one on Inspiration4 is a professional astronaut, and the government is largely a bystander. It's a mission to sp… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Today in On Tech, @shiraovide writes that Facebook’s botched V.I.P. system shows that even tech superstars can suff… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Apple issued emergency software updates on Monday after security researchers uncovered a flaw that allows highly in… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
A press release claimed that Walmart would begin accepting payments in Litecoin, a digital currency – driving up it… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
A lawsuit filed by a woman who worked with the founders of Pinterest accuses two of the company’s three co-founders… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Apple’s security team has been working around the clock to develop a fix to a flaw that allows spyware from Israel’… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)
“Do you own an Apple product? Update it today,” said John Scott-Railton, one of the researchers who discovered the… NYTimes Tech (Tue Sep 14)