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Facebook rolls out campaign to fight misinformation ahead of Australian election Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 24)
Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: small Windows 11 tablet can’t keep up Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 25)
Five questions in Westminster for Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 25)
Facebook boss ‘not willing to protect public from harm’ Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 24)
Facebook executive says tech firms need stronger regulation Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 23)
Whistleblowing requires courage, but don’t expect Facebook to change its ways | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 23)
New Facebook whistleblower says company knowingly allowed hate speech – report Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 22)
Finally, Facebook can say it’s not the most toxic social network | Marina Hyde Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 22)
Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 22)
The death of Charles Babbage, mathematician and inventor – archive, 23 October 1871 Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 22)
Group that spread false Covid claims doubled Facebook interactions in six months Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 21)
Tesla reports record quarterly earnings despite global supply chain meltdown Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Facebonk, Bacefook, Hellsite: Zuck, the internet has some suggestions Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Instagram displays ad offering fake Covid vaccine certificates in Australia Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Boris Johnson promises 'tough' crackdown on online abuse and extremism – video Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Boris Johnson promises online harms bill debate before Christmas Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Apple iPhone 13 mini review: still the boss of small phones Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
AI projects to tackle racial inequality in UK healthcare, says Javid Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 20)
Google Pixel 6 phones launch with custom chips and aggressive pricing Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 19)
This government is helping big tech to undermine British democracy | David Puttnam Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 19)
At least 13 phone firms hit by suspected Chinese hackers since 2019, say experts Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 19)
Is a ‘negative microwave’ – a device that quickly cools food and drink – possible? Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 19)
ICO to step in after schools use facial recognition to speed up lunch queue Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 18)
Apple launches new AirPods and revamped MacBook Pro laptops Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 18)
The Guardian view on biometric technology in schools: watch closely | Editorial Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 18)
Facebook’s policing of vitriol is even more lackluster outside the US, critics say Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 17)
Apple’s plan to scan images will allow governments into smartphones | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 16)
‘It spreads like a disease’: how pro-eating-disorder videos reach teens on TikTok Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 16)
Apple fires employee Janneke Parrish, leader of AppleToo movement Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 15)
Google warns of surge in activity by state-backed hackers Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 15)
Fairphone 4 review: ethical repairable phone gets big upgrade Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 15)
Facebook must prioritise children’s wellbeing, Zuckerberg is told Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 15)
Lawmakers seek to rein in big tech with bills aimed at competition and liability Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Telegram is warned app ‘nurtures subculture deifying terrorists’ Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Leave no trace: how a teenage hacker lost himself online Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 14)
Bitcoin could trigger financial meltdown, warns Bank of England deputy Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 13)
Spot on or unfair? Facebook employees split on whistleblower Frances Haugen’s critique Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 13)
Facebook rule protects journalists and activists as ‘involuntary’ public figures Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 13)
Snapchat outage leaves users unable to send or receive messages Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 13)
UK online safety bill could set tone for global social media regulation Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 13)
‘She opens the app and gets bombarded’: parents on Instagram, teens and eating disorders Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 12)
Russia and nearby states are origin of most ransomware, says UK cyber chief Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 11)
American schools gave kids laptops during the pandemic. Then they spied on them | Jessa Crispin Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 11)
How to blow the whistle on Facebook – from someone who already did Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 11)
The Guardian view on Amazon’s shops: benefit society, not just consumers | Editorial Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 10)
Facebook: Nick Clegg avoids questions on whistleblower Haugen’s testimony Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 10)
The latest revelations mark the beginning of the end for the House of Zuckerberg | Carole Cadwalladr Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 10)
Frances Haugen takes on Facebook: the making of a modern US hero Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 10)
Supreme court, Facebook, Fed: three horsemen of democracy’s apocalypse | Robert Reich Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 10)
Whistleblower’s testimony should prompt new Facebook oversight – Schiff Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 09)
‘Welcome to the party’: five past tech whistleblowers on the pitfalls of speaking out Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 09)
Revealed: anti-vaccine TikTok videos being viewed by children as young as nine Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 08)
California companies can no longer silence workers in victory for tech activists Guardian Tech (Fri Oct 08)
Tesla headquarters will move from California to Texas, Elon Musk says – report Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
The Guardian view on Facebook: the anti-social network | Editorial Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
For millions, the WhatsApp outage could have been a matter of life and death | Humza Jilani Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
‘Facebook can’t keep its head in the sand’: five experts debate the company’s future Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
iPhone 13 Pro review: Apple’s very best Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
Facebook’s role in Myanmar and Ethiopia under new scrutiny Guardian Tech (Thu Oct 07)
Twitch hack: data breach exposed sensitive information Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
TechScape: Was this the worst week in Facebook’s history? Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Mark Zuckerberg hits back at Facebook whistleblower claims Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Amazon opens first UK bricks-and-mortar non-food store Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Google Maps to show the lowest carbon route for car journeys Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Facebook whistleblower’s testimony could finally spark action in Congress Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Facebook explains error that caused global outage Guardian Tech (Wed Oct 06)
Websites hosting porn in UK told to enforce age checks or face fines Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
‘Congress will be taking action’: key takeaways from the Facebook whistleblower hearing Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy, claims whistleblower Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
‘It was scary at first’: social media users on the Facebook outage Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Ex-Uber driver takes legal action over ‘racist’ face-recognition software Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
The global corporate tax deal doesn't add up – we're about to be ripped off again | George Turner Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Tesla ordered to pay $137m to Black former employee for racial abuse Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook whistleblower hearing: Frances Haugen testifies in Washington – live updates Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Donald Trump desperately needs Twitter. But will he ever be able to beat his ban? | Arwa Mahdawi Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook whistleblower accuses firm of serially misleading over safety Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
The global outage just adds to Facebook’s many recent woes Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Tell us: how were you affected by the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage? Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook outage: what went wrong and why did it take so long to fix? Guardian Tech (Tue Oct 05)
Facebook is down – but you can still get your misinformation fix Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Facebook goes down, taking Instagram and WhatsApp with it – follow live Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp hit by outage Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
How ‘losing friend to misinformation’ drove Facebook whistleblower Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Facebook ‘tearing our societies apart’: key excerpts from a whistleblower Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Apple iPhone 13 review: cheaper, longer lasting and better camera Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen identifies herself as whistleblower Guardian Tech (Mon Oct 04)
‘Email is a zombie that keeps rising from the dead’: the endless pursuit of Inbox Zero Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 03)
Screens doubled as babysitters during lockdown. What now? | Emma Brockes Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 03)
Who scams the scammers? Meet the scambaiters Guardian Tech (Sun Oct 03)
Robots: stealing our jobs or solving labour shortages? Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 02)
The truth about artificial intelligence? It isn't that honest | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Oct 02)
Facebook exec testifies on Instagram’s harmful effect on young people Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 30)
Latest Facebook hearing will examine impacts of company’s products on children Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 30)
UK product safety laws won’t prevent another Grenfell tragedy, report warns Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 29)
Russia threatens to block YouTube after suspension of German RT channels Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 29)
YouTube to remove misinformation videos about all vaccines Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 29)
What we’ve heard so far about ‘Silicon Valley’s biggest fraud’ Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 29)
YouTube deletes RT’s German channels over Covid misinformation Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 28)
Amazon launches home robot Astro and giant Alexa display Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 28)
What makes me thankful? I grew up in a world before Instagram | Arwa Mahdawi Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 28)
Is Facebook leading us on a journey to the metaverse? Guardian Tech (Sun Sep 26)
Will Mark Zuckerberg’s total control of Facebook turn into a liability? | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 25)
‘Good ideas, good work and good luck’: Australian grassroots campaigners on how they got it done Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Canada, China and US were all doomed to lose in Meng Wanzhou’s case Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Facebook ‘overpaid in data settlement to avoid naming Zuckerberg’ Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 24)
‘A race to the bottom’: Google temps are fighting a two-tier labor system Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Apple iPad 2021 review: still the best tablet for most people Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 24)
Uber to pay pensions to all its UK drivers, backdated to 2017 Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Family Zoom calls: you may not like extroverts, but you need us | Natalie Reilly Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 23)
Apple bans Fortnite from App Store indefinitely as legal battle continues Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Microsoft launches Surface Pro 8, Laptop Studio and Duo 2 phone Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Apple iPad mini 2021 review: the best small tablet gets stunning revamp Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Why we should switch off from GB News and watch more YouTube Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Facebook oversight board to review that exempts elite users from rules Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Internet freedom on the decline in US and globally, study finds Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 22)
Activision Blizzard confirms SEC investigation into sexual misconduct allegations Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 21)
iOS 15 release: everything you need to know about Apple’s big update Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 20)
A billionaire wants to build a utopia in the US desert. Seems like this could go wrong | Jessa Crispin Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 20)
We tried to transition to green jobs, but the bosses are closing our car factory down | Frank Duffy Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Ring Video Doorbell 4 review: pre-roll is a battery bell gamechanger Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 20)
September full moon 2021: how to photograph the harvest moon on your phone or camera with the right settings Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 20)
Florida Tesla crash which killed two will be investigated by federal board Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Florida Tesla crash which killed two will be investigated by federal board Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Facebook slams Wall Street Journal reports as ‘deliberate mischaracterisations’ Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Deep impact: the underwater photographers bringing the ocean’s silent struggle to life Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Want to save the Earth? Then don’t buy that shiny new iPhone | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Teenage girls, body image and Instagram’s ‘perfect storm’ Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 18)
Sir Clive Sinclair obituary Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 17)
Facebook steps up fight against climate misinformation – but critics say effort falls short Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Home computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81 Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 16)
NFT trader OpenSea bans insider trading after employee rakes in profit Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Employers are spying on us at home with ‘tattleware’. It’s time to track them instead | Jessa Crispin Guardian Tech (Thu Sep 16)
Google workers demand back pay for temps company underpaid for years Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 15)
TechScape: How smart are Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses? Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: Samsung’s cutting-edge water resistant phone-tablet hybrid Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 15)
Apple’s iPhone 13 to hit shelves later this month Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Facebook aware of Instagram’s harmful effect on teenage girls, leak reveals Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 14)
‘Significant threat’: cyber attacks increasingly targeting Australia’s critical infrastructure Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Drugs allegedly offered to managers of NBN delivery partners as kickbacks for work, inquiry told Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 14)
UK government fund invests in Kombucha and luxury ship builder Guardian Tech (Tue Sep 14)
Israeli spyware firm targeted Apple devices via iMessage, researchers say Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 13)
Facebook: some high-profile users ‘allowed to break platform’s rules’ Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 13)
Snowflakes to slime mould: Nikon Small World Photomicrography 2021 – in pictures Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 13)
Nothing Ear 1 review: funky, semi-transparent earbuds worth a listen Guardian Tech (Mon Sep 13)
PC, internet, smartphone: what’s the next big technological epoch? | John Naughton Guardian Tech (Sat Sep 11)
Apple: what is Fortnite feud about and what does App Store ruling mean? Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 10)
Judge in Fortnite case orders Apple to loosen restrictions on in-app payments Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 10)
Bryan Skipp obituary Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 10)
Houseparty is over: video chat app that boomed in lockdown meets its end Guardian Tech (Fri Sep 10)
Twitter trials ‘soft block’ feature to let users remove followers Guardian Tech (Wed Sep 08)