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If you unwrapped a brand-new iPhone or Fitbit over the holidays, here's what to do with your old device. USA TODAY Tech (Wed Jan 19)
‘Fitbit for the Face’: Engineers Debut Fitness Tracking Mask That Can Detect Leaks Gizmodo (Thu Jan 13)
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Track your gains and losses with the Fitbit Aria Air smart scale and save 20% CNET News (Sat Jan 08)
Amazon Halo View review: the Fitbit clone no one asked for The Verge (Sun Dec 19)
Amazon Halo View review: the Fitbit clone no one asked for The Verge (Wed Dec 15)
Fitbit’s latest models are getting big discounts today The Verge (Fri Dec 10)
Now, Google has big plans for its wearables. In January, it acquired Fitbit for $2.1 billion. Though Fitbit has s… Tech Insider (Thu Dec 02)
? Fitbit Charge 5 for $130 ($50 off) The Charge 5 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our current top pick for most people,… WIRED (Mon Nov 29)
Weekend deals: Amazon Echo Buds 2, SodaStream, Fitbit and more early Black Friday deals CNET News (Sat Nov 06)
Fitbit deals: Save 40% on the feature-heavy Sense and fitness-focused Inspire 2 CNET News (Mon Nov 01)
How different is Amazon’s Halo View from the Fitbit Charge 5? The Verge (Wed Oct 13)
Fitbit Charge 5 review: New look, same tricks Engadget (Wed Sep 29)
Amazon Halo View vs. Fitbit Inspire 2: How the new fitness band stacks up against Fitbit's affordable tracker CNET News (Wed Sep 29)
Withings ScanWatch Horizon takes on Apple Watch, Fitbit with sleep apnea smarts CNET News (Wed Sep 29)
Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Is Basically a Fitbit Gizmodo (Tue Sep 28)
Amazon unveils $80 Halo View fitness band to take on Fitbit Engadget (Tue Sep 28)
Amazon takes on Fitbit with the $80 Halo View by @bheater TechCrunch (Tue Sep 28)
Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker, the Charge 5, is now available The Verge (Mon Sep 27)
Fitbit Charge 5 review: touchscreen The Verge (Sat Sep 25)
The new Fitbit Charge 5 still fits the bill of WIRED's favorite fitness tracker for most people. It’s attractive, s… WIRED (Wed Sep 22)
The new Fitbit Charge 5 still fits the bill of WIRED's favorite fitness tracker for most people. It’s attractive, s… WIRED (Wed Sep 22)
Fitbit Charge 5 review: lightweight design, bright color screen, and long battery life, but no physical buttons, sc… Techmeme (Tue Sep 21)
The new Fitbit Charge 5 still fits the bill of WIRED's favorite fitness tracker for most people. It’s attractive, s… WIRED (Tue Sep 21)
Fitbit's Most Advanced Fitness Tracker Is Pretty Underwhelming Gizmodo (Tue Sep 21)
Fitbit Charge 5 review: touchscreen The Verge (Tue Sep 21)
Fitbit Is Rolling Out a Snore and Noise Detection Feature for Its Smartwatches Gizmodo (Wed Sep 15)
Fitbit smartwatches now detect snoring and other loud noises Engadget (Wed Sep 15)
It's like the Fitbit Luxe and Sense had a baby. FutureShift (Mon Sep 13)
Fitbit's new Charge 5 looks pretty damn good Mashable (Thu Aug 26)
Fitbit Takes On Whoop With New “Readiness Score” Forbes Tech (Thu Aug 26)
Fitbit's new Charge 5 looks pretty damn good Mashable (Thu Aug 26)
Fitbit Unveils Fitbit Charge 5: Why The New Tracker Is A Game-Changer Forbes Tech (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit announces Charge 5 with a rounded design, a larger and brighter color AMOLED display, GPS, and more, arrivin… Techmeme (Wed Aug 25)
Surprise! Fitbit's Charge 5 Is Actually a Massive Upgrade Gizmodo (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit's new Charge 5 looks pretty damn good Mashable (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit’s new Charge 5 has a rounded design and a color screen The Verge (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit adds ECG and stress-level scanning to its Charge fitness tracker by @bheater TechCrunch (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit’s Charge 5 packs an ECG and stress response sensor Engadget (Wed Aug 25)
Fitbit Charge 4 is back down to $100 (save $50) CNET News (Tue Aug 24)
The Fitbit Charge 5 and its features are shown off in leaked video The Verge (Mon Aug 23)
Fitbit Charge 5 Leaks Reveal New Color Touchscreen Gizmodo (Mon Aug 16)
Fitbit Charge 5 leak appears to show new design for the fitness tracker CNET News (Mon Aug 16)
Fitbit Charge 5 leaked images show color display and new rounded look The Verge (Mon Aug 16)
Fitbit Luxe review: slim and comfortable design with good battery life and Fast Pair for Android devices, but the s… Techmeme (Fri Jul 09)
Fitbit Luxe review: A tiny tracker that’s both easy and hard on the eyes Engadget (Fri Jul 09)
FitBit Data Points to Lingering Physical Changes for Some Covid-19 Sufferers Gizmodo (Wed Jul 07)
Fitbit's Fashionable New Fitness Tracker Is a Solid Alternative to a Smartwatch Gizmodo (Tue Jul 06)
Now is the time to join in on the @Fitbit craze. Some of the wearables are discounted upwards of $100 off their n… Tech Insider (Tue Jun 22)
? Fitbit Sense Fitness Watch for $200 ($100 off) This deal is cheaper than the previous historic low price by $50:… WIRED (Mon Jun 21)
Prime Day Fitbit deals: Lowest ever prices on Sense, Inspire, Ace 2 CNET News (Mon Jun 21)
Fitbit's Sense health tracker is just $200 for Prime Day Engadget (Mon Jun 21)
Best Prime Day smartwatch deals so far: Discounts on Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa 2 live now CNET News (Fri Jun 18)
[email protected] Charge 4 for $100 ($50 off): This is still our favorite all-around fitness watch. It's one of the few fitn… WIRED (Thu Jun 17)
Apple Watch, Fitbit users with heart conditions get more medical procedures The Verge (Wed Jun 02)
Fitbit OS 5.2 update brings more health stats to Versa 3 and Sense CNET News (Tue Jun 01)
[email protected] Charge 4 Fitness Tracker for $100 ($50 off): This is the best fitness tracker. Despite being affordable, t… WIRED (Tue Jun 01)
Fitbit Will Spot You’re Snoring, Plus Super-Cute Animals, Report Says Forbes Tech (Sat May 29)
Fitbit may soon be adding snoring detection to its devices The Verge (Sat May 29)
Fitbit devices may soon track your snoring Engadget (Fri May 28)
Fitbit Is Reportedly Working on Snore and Noise Detection Gizmodo (Fri May 28)
Global Smartwatch Market: Apple 34%, Huawei 8%, Samsung 8%, Fitbit 4.2% Forbes Tech (Thu May 27)
Going forward, Wear OS will take the best parts of Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google-owned Fitbit to create a new unifi… Gizmodo (Thu May 20)
Google worked with Samsung and Fitbit respectively to rebuild the health and fitness framework in Wear, so that mea… WIRED (Wed May 19)
After closing Fitbit acquisition, Google is going big with Wear OS by @bheater TechCrunch (Tue May 18)
Prime Day prices now: Fitbit Sense drops to all-time-low $240 (save $89) CNET News (Tue May 18)
[email protected] Charge 4 for $100 ($50 off) - This is the best fitness tracker. It may be affordable, but that doesn't sto… WIRED (Fri May 07)
Here's where you can pre-order the $149 Luxe, Fitbit's prettiest fitness tracker yet FutureShift (Fri Apr 30)
Sleep tracking has long been offered on wearable devices such as Fitbit but, recently, more gadget makers, includin… WSJ Tech (Sat Apr 24)
If you’ve been wearing your Fitbit or Whoop fitness tracker like a regular watch, inaccurate readings could be mess… WSJ Tech (Thu Apr 22)
Fitbit’s next fitness tracker looks fancy The Verge (Fri Apr 16)
Fitbit is reportedly working on a 'luxury' fitness tracker Engadget (Fri Apr 16)
The Fitbit Ace 3 Rewards Kids for Leaving Their Screens Gizmodo (Wed Apr 14)
OnePlus Watch review: Just get a Fitbit instead Engadget (Tue Apr 13)
Fitbit Inspire 2 is the perfect fitness tracker if you prefer low-tech FutureShift (Thu Apr 08)
The only Fitbit with Tile's Bluetooth tracking tech just went on sale for 21% off FutureShift (Tue Mar 23)
Misplaced your Fitbit? Now you can find it with Tile. FutureShift (Mon Mar 22)
Fitbit adds Tile tracking feature to its Inspire 2 wearable The Verge (Mon Mar 22)
Monday's best deals: $79 Fitbit Inspire 2, $30 Logitech joystick, $400 Google Pixel 4XL, more CNET News (Mon Mar 22)
Tile brings its lost item-tracking service to wearables with Google Fitbit deal for Inspire 2 owners… TechCrunch (Mon Mar 22)
Fitbit's new Tile tracking hook-in works with iOS and can ring your phone CNET News (Mon Mar 22)
Fitbit's Inspire 2 wearable gains Tile's tracking tech Engadget (Mon Mar 22)
The Fitbit Ace 3 is its latest fitness tracker for kids The Verge (Sat Mar 13)
Get active with a Fitbit Sense on sale FutureShift (Thu Mar 11)
Fitbit Ace 3 is built to help kids better track their steps and sleep CNET News (Tue Mar 09)
Fitbit's First Fitness Tracker Under Google Is the Ace 3 Gizmodo (Tue Mar 09)
Fitbit's latest activity tracker for kids has up to eight days of battery life Engadget (Tue Mar 09)
The Fitbit Ace 3 is its latest fitness tracker for kids The Verge (Tue Mar 09)
Fitbit's Charge 4 band can now display blood oxygen saturation levels Engadget (Wed Mar 03)
Fitbit Sense review: a good smartwatch that fails on sustainability Guardian Tech (Wed Mar 03)
From @Breakingviews: European Union regulators have approved with conditions the purchase of Fitbit by Google. It s… Reuters Tech News (Fri Dec 18)
EU approves Google's $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition by @ElanaLyn Forbes Tech (Thu Dec 17)
Google-Fitbit Merger Wins EU Approval, With a Few Conditions Gizmodo (Thu Dec 17)
Google’s Fitbit acquisition wins EU approval The Verge (Thu Dec 17)
Google's Fitbit takeover approved by EU BBC News Technology (Thu Dec 17)
Europe clears Google-Fitbit with a ten-year ban on using health data for ads by @riptari TechCrunch (Thu Dec 17)
The European Commission approves Google's $2.1B acquisition of Fitbit, on condition of compliance with a set of com… Techmeme (Thu Dec 17)
Google's Fitbit acquisition finally gains EU approval Engadget (Thu Dec 17)
Google's $2.1 billion Fitbit acquisition wins conditional EU approval CNET News (Thu Dec 17)
Smash your goals with all the best Christmas deals on Fitbit FutureShift (Wed Dec 16)
Europe urged to block Google-Fitbit ahead of major digital policy overhaul by @riptari TechCrunch (Fri Dec 11)
The Fitbit Sense just got a new lowest price ever FutureShift (Wed Dec 09)
All of Fitbit's new activity trackers and smartwatches are on sale for up to $50 off FutureShift (Mon Dec 07)
Fitbit will replace some Sense smartwatches due to ECG problem Engadget (Fri Dec 04)
If You Bought a Fitbit Sense Recently, You Should Check Your Email Gizmodo (Fri Dec 04)
Fitbit is replacing some Sense smartwatches over ECG reading issue The Verge (Fri Dec 04)
You'll Be Perfectly Happy With the Fitbit Versa 3 Gizmodo (Thu Dec 03)
Best Buy flash sale: You've got 12 hours to score deals on Fitbit Versa 3, Theragun, earbuds and more CNET News (Wed Dec 02)
Fitbit Versa 3 review: The basics done well CNET News (Tue Dec 01)
No Google-Fitbit merger without human rights remedies, says Amnesty to EU by @riptari TechCrunch (Fri Nov 27)
You can buy a Fitbit on sale for Black Friday right now FutureShift (Thu Nov 26)
Smash your goals with the best Black Friday fitness deals from Fitbit FutureShift (Wed Nov 25)
From a “Fitbit for machines” to digital humans, these three startups could change how businesses work.… Tech in Asia (Tue Nov 24)
Fitbit adds Google Assistant support to Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches The Verge (Fri Nov 20)
Google Assistant Has Arrived on the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 Gizmodo (Thu Nov 19)
Fitbit smartwatches can now take calls and use Google Assistant CNET News (Thu Nov 19)
Fitbit brings Google Assistant to the Sense and Versa 3 Engadget (Thu Nov 19)
Fitbit adds Google Assistant support to Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches The Verge (Thu Nov 19)
Fitbit Charge 4 review: Built-in GPS and better sleep tracking, plus it's pretty CNET News (Thu Nov 19)
Black Friday Fitbit and smartwatch deals: $50 off Fitbit Sense, $70 off Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 CNET News (Thu Nov 19)
Save $50 on a fitness tracker in Fitbit's early Black Friday sale FutureShift (Tue Nov 17)
Fitbit CEO James Park says its app reached 500,000 paid subscribers this year and talks about expectations for life… Techmeme (Sat Oct 24)
EU antitrust regulators again extend their decision deadline on the Google/Fitbit merger, to Jan. 8, 2021; meanwhil… Techmeme (Mon Oct 19)
Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Fitbit Sense: Which is the best smartwatch for you? CNET News (Mon Oct 19)
Exclusive: Google sweetens Fitbit concessions, heading for EU okay - sources Reuters Tech News (Fri Oct 16)
EU's Google-Fitbit antitrust decision deadline pushed into 2021 by @riptari TechCrunch (Fri Oct 16)
Prime Day 2020 is kicking off with a bang with this great deal on the Fitbit Versa 2—find out more. USA TODAY Tech (Fri Oct 16)
You still have time to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day's Fitbit Versa 2 sale—find out more. USA TODAY Tech (Thu Oct 15)
Prime Day 2020 smartwatch deals: Save big on Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit Versa 2 and Garmin models CNET News (Tue Oct 13)
Fitbit's Sense smartwatch begins receiving ECG app update Engadget (Fri Oct 09)
Here's how to take your ECG on the Fitbit Sense Gizmodo (Thu Oct 08)
Google's Fitbit deal may win EU approval despite concerns from rivals, report says CNET News (Mon Oct 05)
Fitbit's Versa is a great second stab at a smartwatch FutureShift (Sat Oct 03)
Fitbit Sense can track SpO2 and electrodermal activity, but it can't handle 2020. WIRED (Thu Oct 01)
Fitbit Charge 3 review: A better fitness tracker everywhere it counts FutureShift (Thu Oct 01)
Sources: EU is set to approve Google's Fitbit acquisition after the company offered new concessions, like not using… Techmeme (Tue Sep 29)
Google will likely win EU approval for its $2.1 billion Fitbit deal Engadget (Tue Sep 29)
Google offers Europe more checks Fitbit data won't be used for ads by @riptari TechCrunch (Tue Sep 29)
Fitbit's OS for the Sense and Versa 3 won't come to earlier smartwatches Engadget (Sun Sep 27)
Fitbit unveils new software for Versa 3 and Sense, zilch for other models. Gizmodo (Sun Sep 27)
Fitbit says its OS 5.0 has been developed exclusively for the new Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches, and older devices… Techmeme (Sat Sep 26)
Fitbit Sense review: enough bugs to raise your heart rate The Verge (Sat Sep 26)
Fitbit Sense review by @bheater TechCrunch (Thu Sep 24)
EU's antitrust probe of Google-Fitbit gets more time by @riptari TechCrunch (Wed Sep 23)
Fitbit Sense review: enough bugs to raise your heart rate The Verge (Wed Sep 23)
You can track your fitness and your stress with the Fitbit Sense. But is it any Mashable (Tue Sep 22)
The Fitbit Sense is enjoyable to use but tough to recommend for everyone FutureShift (Tue Sep 22)
Fitbit Sense review: A half-baked smartwatch for the wellness Mashable (Tue Sep 22)
Fitbit Sense review: sleek design, intuitive UI, many granular metrics, but lots of bugs, fiddly solid-state button… Techmeme (Tue Sep 22)