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News about HealthKit
'Pokémon Go' starts tracking steps using HealthKit and Google Fit Engadget (Fri Nov 02)
HealthKit's potential to aid medical research is hindered by low participation rates Techmeme (Thu Dec 15)
Apple looks to expand its HealthKit from tracker to diagnosis tool that will offer advice: sources… FP Tech Desk (Mon Sep 26)
Apple brings in ex-Googler and robotics expert Yoky Matsuok to work on Healthkit TechCrunch (Thu May 05)
Apple brings in ex-Googler and robotics expert Yoky Matsuoka to work on Healthkit TechCrunch (Wed May 04)
Nokia bought Withings to take on Apple's Healthkit Engadget (Tue Apr 26)
Apple’s HealthKit is going to cover the most common health issue for women: Forbes Tech News (Mon Jun 15)
Apple's HealthKit app will include a sexual activity tracking feature via @livescience Mashable Tech (Mon Jun 15)
Apple says HealthKit is “on fire.” Forbes Tech News (Sat Jun 13)
Apple's HealthKit will start tracking reproductive health: Forbes Tech News (Tue Jun 09)
With iOS 9, Apple’s HealthKit will finally track menstruation The Verge (Tue Jun 09)
Apple's iOS 9 HealthKit Will Finally Keep Track of Menstrual Cycles Gizmodo (Tue Jun 09)
Here are all the new data types for HealthKit In iOS 9 TechCrunch (Wed Jun 10)
Apple stops ignoring women’s health with iOS 9 HealthKit update, now featuring period tracking TechCrunch (Wed Jun 10)
Here Are All The New Data Types For HealthKit In iOS 9, Including Basal Body Temperature And Ovula... by @etherington TechCrunch (Tue Jun 09)
Apple Stops Ignoring Women’s Health With iOS 9 HealthKit Update, Now Featuring Period Tracking by @sarahintampa TechCrunch (Tue Jun 09)
If you blinked during Apple's WWDC keynote, you missed the HealthKit and HomeKit updates Mashable Tech (Mon Jun 08)
Apple Finally Adds Reproductive Health to HealthKit (@iammollymchugh / Wired) Techmeme (Mon Jun 08)
With iOS 9, Apple is finally adding menstruation tracking to its HealthKit platform: Forbes Tech News (Mon Jun 08)
With iOS 9, Apple’s HealthKit will finally track menstruation The Verge (Mon Jun 08)
Cedars-Sinai Hospital turned on HealthKit for 87,000 patients. Now it's "watching the data." WSJD (Tue May 05)
Apple's HealthKit connected to 80K patient files at Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Techmeme (Mon Apr 27)
A major Los Angeles hospital has enabled Apple's HealthKit for 80,000 patients The Verge (Mon Apr 27)
Latest version of Apple's HealthKit still doesn't track menstrual cycles, despite criticism Techmeme (Thu Mar 19)
Nike+ FuelBand iPhone app adds HealthKit integration, no longer requires a band (@apollozac) Techmeme (Fri Feb 13)
More than half of top US hospitals are trialling Apple HealthKit Engadget (Fri Feb 06)
Top Hospitals Sign Up to Try Apple's HealthKit NBC News Tech (Thu Feb 05)
Apple is moving its HealthKit services into hospitals ahead of rivals like Google The Verge (Thu Feb 05)
Fourteen of 23 top US hospitals have rolled out a pilot program of Apple's HealthKit service Techmeme (Thu Feb 05)
Nutrition App Rise Adds Apple HealthKit Integration And Launches Its First International Markets by @ryanlawler TechCrunch (Tue Dec 16)
Healthcare 2025: I asked 20,000 doctors about Fitbit and Apple's HealthKit, and here's the answer Forbes Tech News (Thu Nov 27)